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Probably tough time when he was a freshman at Duke Be Queen or Transferred to John. Brett cleaner okay. Joe Joe Morocco. That's a good one. Really, that's a good one enamored with Matt Rambo Yup. That's also a good ones. He's the goat. Yeah, any pay yeah. Matt Rando, okay, beast Midi. I'll I'll go with. I like to stay. Name is not really Lacrosse, but if you if you see it, Billy's. Printing terrible, so you always have to check the fine I. didn't see that moment rents worthy. Friends notes were good us. That's. I knew billy sprinter just socks whatever he does, he can't. Everything on page was like what is that? Oh. It's Brent Worthy. Okay all right I'm. Down to here. I'm going to go so great knows where these fucking officer. I will go with deamer class. Okay, that's him, yeah. Great Name Yup all right. Hang your last pick. Someone did Brodie Merrill Right. Yeah I I got blazing brody. I feel like this is just a Lacrosse I feel like. This is like a lacrosse namesake like there was a mount rushmore of Lacrosse someone named now ski, would-be on it saw go with NAT Jonoski. Yeah, that's a good. Movie Son of a coach. The coach now he's just when you think Lacrosse now ski ski. Do probably why all right? So what are the ones we had I? Still had I lo- I fancied boy Sergio South Theo Yeah I love the name I presume and loved the name Brad Smith. Just because it seems like a blue checkmark would be like Oh. You Know Brad Smith listen a Barstool sports. They can't think of anything. I Like Bread Smith God. Them I liked. Bryce young braces good name Mike Chant. Channon Chuck ooh Yes Jordan Wolf to last name Wolf is fucking, said Hi Warner Yep. No one had bj grill. no-one picked PJ grow. cuyler blustery, we said cholera. Yeah, I also had. There's two Notre Dame quarterbacks, Tommy Kellyanne Connor Kelly. Guys definitely, they're they're they come in for like two games and they suck and everyone's like Notre Dame's not good anymore. Tim`rous Sabia probably had some moss and bully problems back in the day. Third Basement on the reds. Oh, take him, trout owner Tim. Jackson Place Johnny CERDIC. Apple drools Henning Berg. Names are fucking Mike Michael no one. Jack Con Cannon. Yeah, that's a good one Max. Tuttle Max titles. Good another gracing. Another able another fancy fuck boy. Joe Lacasse Casio that's good. Yeah, we should just start doing fantasy for. You to switch fancy fuck boys just look. Across come up were involved. Lacrosse players Yeah Yeah Trevor Tease here's a good literally translates sick from Denver Yeah. We'll house literally translates a funeral home. OR BILLY EAT steak. Joey Sankey. That's like sounds like he's got dangles. Yeah, definitely. Dangles mad dangles all right. That is our show is yeah. That's show, Brinson Z.. Everyone on Monday. Larry excited for Monday show, yeah, money show is going to be big when I love you guys, billy take us out. Hey guys. I. Wonder what you guys are up to today. Did prepare anything but I do have a lot of my mind I can talk about tomorrow. I.

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