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Nine in Santa Clarita sixty six in downtown LA sixty four degrees in Anaheim it's four forty eight some lawmakers in Pasadena or deciding whether to take the state to court over new laws regarding granny flats the biggest concern is that the legislation erodes local control over the issue councilwoman Margaret make Austin called it the worst over reach she's seen by the state its really shocking Pasadena currently allows granny flats which are essentially small apartments on the same watch as existing homes but they have to be detached from the main house and include bathrooms new state legislation would not only make it easier to build them and rent them out but it would allow the units to be built into the house in addition to the detached ones effectively allowing for three units per single family lot one council member suggested suing the state over at Pasadena mayor territory neck I do think this is an over reach and I think we should be clear about this they have declared war on single family housing the new laws are meant to increase the state's housing supply Margaret Carrero KNX ten seventy news radio city power also could take a unique step in its efforts to stop teens from vaping considering fines for using E. cigarettes in public councilman mark Tanaka tells KNX he's been talking to a lot of students in the city that's not fun is really actually from device because since I attach Oct with which said lucky you tried banning it but it's really not doing anything because it's it's so comfortable right now we have to do is we have to kind of get from a kind of a cool thing not a big deal have a thing to or even proxy accepted to something which makes a lot tougher it's not as as a city council staff is looking at how the fines might be enforced how much they would be but this would likely involve students will also working with local schools is as a fine could also bring parental awareness to the growing problem the kids would be to get the money from the parents a teacher designed by a bullied student has been a bonanza for an anti bullying group the university of Tennessee says sales of a school teacher decided by a bully to fourth grade Florida boy have raised nearly a million dollars for an anti bullying organization the boy was teased by classmates over short with the homemade design after a picture of it was posted on Facebook earlier this fall the university's campus store sold more than a hundred twelve thousand shirts featuring the boys design the university of Tennessee has offered the boy a four year scholarship covering tuition and fees beginning in the fall of twenty twenty eight if he decides to attend and meets admission requirements Jim chrysalis CBS.

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