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In buffalo and they harass josh allen. They need to duplicate that in week. Two there's going to be games where the steelers will be more blitz heavy. Maybe against inexperienced quarterback quarterbacks that haven't seen some of these exotic blitzes or is it the steelers like to use other teams. Don't do very often car's been around a while. He seen a lot of it. The steelers are going to have to get after car with four and not only just to give them help in the back end but ultimately they can win with four against an office of line. Like for instance. When you look at tj wadden in leatherwood if that matchup continues. You like tj watts. Chances i don't feel like. Tj watt melvin. Ingram or alex highsmith would need extra help to win that match up so get after a car with four and that's that's the green light for the defense. That's the light that means if we only have to assign four players to rush the passer or five at the most that gives us all that helping the diva the deep half. they'll they've got it undercover last one. Make them pay. Make them pay. I feel like derek cars a quarterback he will take unnecessary risks. Especially if they're struggling early. The steelers are not necessarily known that they did lead last season. They lead the nfl and interceptions. They have yet to get one this year. It's only been one game. They did have a turnover. That was the strip sack of josh allen. Tj watt dislodging. The ball cam. Haywar recovering it. They need to make. Derek carr paves for the mistakes or the risks that he takes if they can get that pressure with the front four like i mentioned earlier than absolutely they should be able to take the ball away. I think this is a game. Especially if josh jacobs is limited or doesn't play you limit their running game you force them to throw to get back into it if they can get a lead. That's when the steelers defense can really pin their ears back and can get after. Derek carr all right so there you go defensive keys limit waller's impact on the game. Get after car without blessing and make them pay with turnovers win the turnover battle. And that's how you win the game. So those are my keys on offense and defense how. The steelers need what they need to do. To beat the raiders into move their record to to ano- on the two thousand twenty one regular season. You might be willing to your clock saying wow. He's going to break already. Mr michael beck. And i have a lot to talk about. So we're gonna get into that right after this break and then stay tuned. Because after that i'll be back with a heart. They'll go anywhere beer. Athletes need their equipment to succeed. Lebron without shoes or serena without a racket is a troubling thing to imagine. So why are you.

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