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Hi I can't believe it's already here at the end of twenty nineteen the end of this decade Josh sees in for mark laser this is mark laser show appreciate to listen joined in studio by at least change very Bob rand off over there producer and giving me timely updates on the more the most important things like how hung over I'm going to be tomorrow morning and now I've I got the kids tonight I can't get too crazy Bob I I don't I I I got to watch my intake tonight your brother did you ever enjoy and watch the intake watch the it it doesn't matter you can watch it's like so it's like a seafood diet yes I'm going on a season died if I see it I'm eating it and you're off tomorrow right I am definitely off tomorrow I better be off tomorrow because I'm not coming into work tomorrow so we'll just put it that way I just finished up the last couple phone calls here on celebrity past scenes that the fed to do the most and we're gonna check in without Fox Sports Ohio state met so he's down at nationwide arena there's a hockey game tonight and then there's all kinds I think there's some post game festivities in the arena district maybe you had down the coast side to go the first night and watch the fireworks come in a hopefully we have fireworks also a coming of a five forty we'll talk to Earl Burke he is the man puts the fireworks show together and if you are going to be seeing that downtown tonight it'll be his work so we'll talk to him but let's get will in real quick well what celebrity passing affected you the most well I think the book about Malcolm young that was not good I love my AC DC bro I love my AC DC I think he was one of the most you know behind the scenes guides that but the brains of the operation bill I think you said it right there and did you say you have another one well or was it just Malcolm that did it hi Hey happy with happy new year will appreciate check and final word on this one down thanks for call and call into the show which celebrity passing affected you the most our our I have two one is Corbin for sure I have not gotten over I'm missing him you know nine one one one is evangelist Billy Graham tell Billy Graham absolutely yeah he was I mean gosh how many lives did he literally save right it really is yeah all right but it's great talking to you and I enjoy your show and now I can go to get a record be known I I I hear yeah and listen Preciado chew you have a happy new year and take care yourself have a wonderful night all right so I can relate to this to what's going on here because I am going to have surgery on February fourth for a torn meniscus in my right knee and it turns out our all star goaltender for your Columbus blue jackets Jonas corpus Alan corpus Corby is well he had surgery yesterday and now we know he is out four to six weeks so with more on that plus we have a new year's eve hockey game downtown at nationwide Fox Sports Ohio's day Messel joins me and Dave so when Tortorella said coach Tortorella's yesterday said weeks he was a line but he just couldn't come out and tell us that the corporate was in the middle having surgery right a difficult a few hints of what was what was going on what did you have full details fortunate but I mean you would draw the comparisons between yourself a corporate does what is your state percentage right all the NHL I I am perfect I've never given up a goal in the NHL all that said okay and how many windows you have I have no wins I'm like Elvis no so that's where the comparison and what was really sad about this is here's a guy who is having his best year ever replacing a goaltender who we're going to see here tonight and Sergei Bobrovsky and was really playing his best hockey of his pro career he was named to the all star team a what happens is out for six weeks because of a free oil injury I I I really feel badly actually I really do all right so what's what now is the plan because obviously we gotta give L. this is space so he can focus on this moment but I mean what what is the plan what what what is behind all this mean what what are they what is the organization doing first of all got you better explain that I mean almost comes out yesterday and he says I'm not going to talk to you guys meeting the media are I don't want to have to think about answers to questions that I have to listen to I need to get into my goalie space I need to get into my skin what in the world so basically leave me alone hello one that's what happens you have so if you hear what was that that's what happens when they practice via the teacher cannot that was a teacher can at least when I hearing dogs in the background today so you're actually there yeah I mean it sounds like you're running on the hook that is that anyway so well this is a guy over who's going to try to to come up with something that he hasn't been able to find since you've done it since you spend a couple of those which is a when you have been able to find his rhythm at all in order to win one of four to ask him about it which is pretty doggone weird now what do you think about that don't you think it comes with the territory of that position absolutely does come with the territory so I mean who says we can't ask questions I I guess that's the way he wants to handle so he's going to be protected by the PR staff of the backup then becomes but she's took what who is also not played a game in the National Hockey League he has obviously got no wins and was called up once earlier this year what did not get into the game so it'll be a matter of how it was done how old great give him in terms of how long will it be horrible tonight or we could foster better they turn to this other guy who has not even a minute in the NHL they they really looked up themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place right now well I mean I I mean I they've got more guys on injured reserve and they have one that's the team it feels like I I mean what Dave there's no I think was a twenty sixteen we went through this with the injury bug was that would twenty what I'm trying to remember their struggle with this because I honestly I cannot remember eight list of injuries that just kept coming one after another after another and it's not just to your guys that come off the bench we're talking about big names guys to get things done for Columbus the the people that do you know you would you buy your ticket you want to go down to nationwide and see those guys I can't think of another team that's been more snake bitten in recent memory I mean Dave this is unprecedented yeah it really is and it's because of how the injuries have been compressed in a short period of time the season that you're talking about is the fifteen sixteen season where they just the injuries just kept coming and coming and coming and it really impacted the entire season but it was spread out over the entire season this has been compressed really between thanksgiving and Christmas words almost one guy every night who goes down in one case in that game in the game against on what it was running along and Josh Anderson in the same night and then it was Dan Atkinson and it was all over York stranded that was you know I mean it's just on and on and on next thing you know he's got to be able to fly what do you make it might be injured he could be very well well I I somebody's gonna fire the teacher cannot because I'll tell you that's I mean half the reason I go down there is to get a shot I've still never called a sure down there by the way it's not easy to catch what Reagan Reagan to me he wants a T. shirt so if you can bring him one back he would really appreciate it you're free for Walker the sponsors names all over us should I can do that would be a double XL water because it's it's a hundred percent cotton double lexa because that eventually will become too small once I wash and dry it so yes I got I got it all right we'll list so Dave I I got as I go through this all tia and I know you maybe have not paid any attention to it today but can can you just comment on whether or not you believe the Cleveland Browns are the single biggest dysfunction in all of professional sports because for whatever reason now they just opened throughout their general manager and nobody knows what the hell's going on up there I just as Browns fans at least tonight today we're just looking at each other we don't know what the world is going on I and she goes well at least they have a move the team yet I'm like you know what it really be that bad if they just packed up and ended this misery no no no no no those of us who covered that you don't want any part of that city worker there had to be some sort of conflict arose that that lets Dorsey to to the door right I mean either within the type of coaching candidate they were pursuing or a difference of opinion over philosophy on what kind of coach they want to get a whatever it was if the timing of it is just a little too are no words so what two days after you get ready or cold then you get ready GM after believing that the GM was going to be the guy who brought your new coach so I don't know what's going on there but there's a there's a job opening anybody interested I really one of the qualifications it's got to be at this point reality worse absolutely also I know that there's a first night going on over echo side tonight and then hopefully they'll win will cooperate we're get some fireworks but a lease is trying to figure out what in the world she is going to do for new year's tonight so we don't know yet Dave I need you to go ahead and you're the ambassador.

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