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That sound was abell in new york city to mark the moment. The first plane hit the north tower of the world trade center. It was the beginning of events around the country today marking the twentieth anniversary of the nine eleven attacks. Shortly after the reading of the names of the nearly three thousand victims began and it would continue for hours lawrence. Christopher abell along abraham william abraham's and at the pentagon and in shanksville pennsylvania at the crash site of flight ninety three were crew and passengers wrestled with the hijackers were likely trying to target the us capitol house. We scott. you're joining us now from shanksville where you've been covering the memorial ceremony today. Describe what you have been hearing what you've been watching. Yeah yeah. The ceremony was at the flight. Ninety three national memorial in shanksville. You know if you've listened to the podcast you've heard a lot about the space over the past weeks There was a stage. Set up right next to the wall of names. The forty names of the passengers and crew that that looks out over the field where the plane crashed with the hemlock trees behind The the wildflowers. That that really are kind of the calling card of the site this iconic look when you get to the side. It's just these beautiful rolling fields of flowers. They're a little faded. Because we're getting to fall but you could still see the the yellow in the field and and it was a beautiful day here so it was just a really quiet somber reflective mood to begin the ceremony

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