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At juice has been our capital since nineteen forty eight forty nine fifty when we actually moved everything over there so what happened in those fortyfive years why was the capital phnom moved at that point and if you look at the history of it you see that the us decision and nineteen forty seven the call for two states for two peoples actually major some an international city and towards the end of the truman administration beginning of the eisenhower administration there was discussions about possibly recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital and i think the truman administration should have done it at the time of course at that point we were only in half of jerusalem because between ninety forty two 1960 seven the other half of jerusalem was under jordanian occupation but the true an administration didn't do it the eisenhower administration didn't into it largely because at that point they thought that appeasing the nasser regime uh in egypt was a smart policy within turn out to be such a smart policy over time but there was always a new reason why you wouldn't the embassy that has nothing to do with the peace process now since the peace process began this argument has been made don't do because undermined the peace process fact the bill to move jerusalem interestingly enough to move the embassy to jerusalem was in 1995 and if i remember correctly i didn't check my notes before i came in here but if i remember correctly with it's like rubbing was the prime minister at the time and was very supportive of the effort to move so he was a person who is championing peace with the palestinians and he had dough issue and he wanted i think he may have been in washington at the time when they had finally finalise this legislation he wanted to see had moved i don't think it's going to undermine the peace process it all on the contrary i think it will actually lay cornerstone for peace.

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