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Good morning it's thursday october twelve welcome to morning gel with us we have veteran columnist an msnbc contributor mike monico senior political analysts friend vc news and msnbc marcal alfran washington anchor for bbc world news america katty kay good to have you on board this morning cutback really late last night from boston where we were at the institute politics harvard and had a great town hall event there with the instituted politics it was incredible from the students it really was incredible and it was i mean we get great input from great insight there are obviously very concerned that still very of anxiety in the eu but also very hopeful in optimistic and they want to get involved in that will get involved in a significant way and that's just great and and very very openminded about the things that are plugging washington dc right now on some of the things to year plaguing college campuses certainly didn't feel they're they were very openminded you you know it was so impressive really you know what i told them and they were hold them i said you know i'm proud i took special pride in that i've always consider harboured the university of alabama alabama there would be a harvard and yale jokes and stuff like jokes all the time but my my favorite one of my favorite moments in 1960s tv history you ever seen it seen from gilgen divert digressing i'm a little cactus is important i think i showed you this much sleep so so love embarrassed and a hell of a third get separated from the grew right right and this this savage comes through the bushes and he's eating like spitting in and and thirst and goes so much about their served to tell those jokes about the yankees let's ever i met with the game ever.

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