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What do you see there no it looks like ev chillan on top of the trainers heads so that blew my mind when i went back and look at look at it and also just like that river area looks like it could be next pallet town in the concert region as well so it's just this to me looks like wait a minute maybe that image that we all laughed at like a couple of weeks ago is actually a legit image from you know poke them on let's go ev or pokemon let's goes pika chew you know and you can totally tell it's taken off offscreen in handheld mode and it's very blurry but if you kind of squint and if you look at it at the right angle you can kind of piece together that it might not be that bad now i know a lot of people might not our might actually be disappointed at the graphical style we're not getting this massive overhaul of that maybe we wanted i personally wanted a massive overhaul with the art style and the graphics yeah but it you know it still looks great in my opinion and traditionally new poke among games that have been released on intendo consoles on new nintendo consoles don't adopt to a new like graphical style right away that usually the first wave look very similar to what the previous generations looked like as well and they would wanna they motivated to get this out pretty quickly right like their their biggest games mario kart super mario odyssey zelda are out now comes to the nextwave smash brothers argue arguably being even bigger and put him on being the the monster hit race so i think they're very motivated to get this outfit yeah twenty eighteen so far has been kind of carried by the team and i mean that in a good way no kirby and donkey kong right and like it's very supportive a we you game which you know has already outsold the we version on switch look at that little cutie.

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