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Connected stay informed i'm kelly blyer and here are the top local northwest stories it's primary election night in washington and we're getting initial some numbers in in king county for council position eight teresa mesqueda has a 15 lead over sofia aragon a difference of about four and a half thousand votes in seattle incumbent tammy trellis is barely holding a two percent lead over challenger tanya wu for the district two council seat andrew louis and dan straws have safer leads in their races straws has a twenty percent lead over challenger pete canning and louis leading bob kettles by thirty three percent poroski poroski owner olga sagan trailing at just fourteen percent of the vote the top two candidates in each race will face off in november the issue of rent control caused hours of frenzied public comment let's let mister canfield talk council member shama suwan introduced a that measure would have cap rent increases at the rate of inflation someone viewed her measure as a trigger law a law local that would be put that that could put pressure on the state legislature to lift a forty two -year -old and as vacancy control it limits rent increases to inflation and it covers all the rental housing in seattle regardless of type size or building date this sets a standard and it will put real pressure on the state democrats in olympia to lift the ban on rent control suan's proposal failed by a five to two vote council president deborah warris i'm hoping that you will still work with us to address this forty two -year -old unjust law after the meeting war has issued a statement denouncing what she described as the intimidation of the council members by the crowd any more speed enforcement cameras in seattle school zones received an unexpected welcome today before a city transportation committee northwest news radio's john lobortini reports estad chief safety officer venu namani told the committee traffic cameras reduced car crashes in seattle by fifty percent and seventy percent during school hours this finding is also backed up in the federal highway administration level automated speed enforcement do reduce speeding and do reduce collisions the plan doubles the number of speed enforcement cameras school in zones from nineteen to thirty eight but no increase in cameras in the most disadvantaged neighborhoods seems many are already located there estad's francesca stefan residents are asking us to look at alternatives because of neighbors and friends who are financially disadvantaged but members of the transportation committee struggled with that thinking councilmember tammy morales the solution to be is safe and for for this people district to stop being the district where almost sixty percent of the fatalities occur the project is complicated and expensive highly unlikely even if you started today if you could actually get this expansion done by the 2024 -2025 school year changes are already on the way john lobertini northwest news radio northwest news time is is natalie malinda's says she's in the high performance homes traffic center and bellevue over lake area there's roadwork that has 148th avenue down to one lane southbound near 520 during during five a .m you district left lane on both directions of 15th avenue blocked off by a crash at 45th and there is still some light traffic and sequela to bellevue some slowdowns on 405 north 15 minutes our next was traffic at 844 como for shannon o'donnell checks our forecast brought to you by northwest crawlspace services everybody either it is going to be a warmer round of august weather as we

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