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CBS correspondent Cammy McCormick at the Pentagon yesterday was the thirteenth anniversary of the disappearance of former FBI agent Robert Levinson the DC court is now shedding some new light on what happened to him in a statement the family of Robert Levinson said how much they missed him they also shared a DC court ruling on Monday that indicated he was in Iran as a private investigator looking into corruption in the Iranian regime specifically that Iranian officials were skimming the regime's oil profits and hiding the money in overseas investments in its ruling this week the court found the Iranian government was responsible for Levinson's kidnapping the family says it has reason to believe he is still alive and still there J. J. green WTOP news being called the most far reaching prosecution in racehorse doping history more than two dozen trainers veterinarians and drug suppliers have been charged with giving race horses performance enhancing drugs William Sweeney junior and the assistant director in charge of the New York FBI office calls there's nothing less than abuse they experienced cardiac issues over exertion leading the leg fractures increased risk of injury and in some cases death those who were charged ran horses at tracks in five states and the United Arab Emirates a happy ending to a sad story that kitten found shot with an arrow on Valentine's day as a new home now Cupid story touch so many people prospects for his for ever home put numbers in a drawing for the adoption soul serendipitous because that we hold number fourteen that you put was found February fourteenth finally enough the lady that was number fourteen had told me that her lucky number was fourteen and it was like heard Jersey number in high school or something the animal welfare league of Arlington Chelsea Jones is sixty five hundred Bucks was needed for Cupid's arrow removal surgery donors gave eighty seven thousand overwhelming and also proceeds now are helping other pets to Kristy king WTOP news coming up the corona virus has a lot of people avoiding a handshake so what do you do in a business meeting without offending anyone seven forty four even before arriving at the scene emergency personnel need to anticipate potential risks and make decisions in our ongoing series Vince this sunny eighty anti federal principal consultant describes how FirstNet can support federal agencies to play a critical role in emergency response when you think about the U. S. department transportation they're responsible for managing the transportation of hazardous materials across the country let's see there's a situation where a train derails public safety that's responding to that derailment needs to know what that material is right so it's very critical that that information can pass and that's again another use case where first that's really changing insuring that that information does truly pass gets to the front line first responders in a very critical efficient manner bill to meet the needs of first responders across.

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