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Intimidation at swedish is cherry hill facility in seattle this according to an investigative report quoted in the seattle times investigators write quote staff members feared punishment and retaliation for voicing concerns the report goes on to quote staff members saying they were frequently bullied and intimidated for voicing concerns about the working conditions especially in the neurosurgical operating area this is where investigators say star surgeons bounce from one operating room to another overseeing procedures mostly pro performed by associates the report frames these examples and others as patient safety concerns federal regulators say the issues threatened cherry hills medicare compliance and that unless they are addressed the facility will be terminated from the medicare program within ninety days corwin haeck komo news there was an earthquake in oregon friday pretty big one four point six on the richter scale no injuries or damage reporter of the us geological survey says the quake struck just before noon about seventy miles west of breaking the can't school district admitted friday that if projects a multi million dollar deficit when it's fiscal year ends august 31st statement comes at a time when it is tricked has begun negotiations with its tissues union regarding a new contract the old one also expires on august thirty first the estimated deficit about seven million dollars the district overall operating in capital budget will be nearly four hundred million dollars this year twenty four seven news the news you what when you want it on komo news i'm paul jackson komo sports now an update from the komo sports desk first second straight night might with a source of some nineth inning misery for the seattle mariners like crowd scoring from second base on jeans garage aaron the top of the ninth inning friday night as the ellie angels rallied to win against the mariner's six to five she hawks have for the pre season opener on sunday we'll have the southern california to play at the chargers game time five pm and showers will host.

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