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For Dario Franchitti for cutting bait man good on that guy. Oh man. Wow. Okay. So before we hit into our traffic with Matt Bayer here. I think we have to do this, because, in my mind, the minute Donald Trump lands at the airport and jumps in his motorcade. And he's going around that big roundabout around Buckingham Palace. It sounds like this big band parliament. Gets Big Ben. Victims in parliament. Matt bayer. What's going on? We're taking a look at northwest side. Northbound four sixty five slowed up six to eight sixty five. We have a slow both directions of four sixty five of the northwest side, northeast Saudis found four sixty five thousand go, keystone over to sixty nine on the east side, northbound four sixty five suppose up around Lawrence at Penn pike up to seventy history, Kevin, the downtown, southbound sixty five staff and go twenty-first straight down to the north play. And we're just now getting this crash reported big time this going to be southbound thirty seven right around Edgewood avenue, a little bit south of that. Okay. We have a backup getting close the four sixty five this is going to be bad delay. Your traffic sponsored by Liberty Mutual insurance where you only pay for what you need. Liberty Mutual insurance. Customize your candidacy only pay for what you need. Go to Liberty Mutual, Denka forecast, mice quote, and you could save. I've met bear. Follow us on Twitter for instant traffic updates WIBC traffic, absolutely.

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