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Holds conservatives feet to the fire all the time including right here rich lowry goes on fox and stuff about trump that and way more fair than any other network on cable we're not talking about i'm not talking about pejorative i am not talking about fox news i'm talking about journalism in general i'm talking about the george john sean hannity is not a journal tend to be an opinion commentator who occupies the most important rhyme time networks based on delivering a product that people want that is a good job at delivering the news i say yes good job reading the news i suppose so we'll know she s questions against republicans she sat down with scott pruitt sorted barry brett bears are pretty fair jury we can if i could now play with the two of you and i'll defend i'll defend fox news gathering operation i think bret baier is great i think chris wallace is great i think fox has a lot of shows that are serious journalism and then at its core primetime our fox runs sean hannity who is not a journalist who is an advocate and who you know sort of conspiracy theories that's not true spiracy on hannity literally spirit the i was trying to achieve achieve consensus right good that fuck make a shot here i don't think there's anything is any such thing really objective journalism i know marcus i know nationalist i know conservatives i know moderates i don't know objective people okay you can try to rise above your your biases and views but it's very difficult and i have a problem with news organizations having a slant i think it's more interesting what i have a problem with is news organizations that pretend to be objective having a slant and i'd much rather have the situation like they have in europe or in the uk the guardian is explicitly progressive paper the telegraph is explicitly a conservative paper they are both good paper's worth reading but they don't hide their predilections and i agree with you a lot of good people at fox there are people at fox who hold republicans feet to the fire but the value fox is that it is different and i think we want as many diverse media sources as possible and that's the good thing the problem is we have about seventy five percent of them that pretend to be on mount olympus pronouncing objectively on things when they're simply not okay let me let me let me shift gears because we we're about halfway through the panel discussion i wanna move off of like fisher mainstream and debating what we have been and talk more specifically about real fake news stuff that is legitimately designed to manipulate people's opinion that is factually false that we see across the internet now and is there a solution to that and i don't know who to throw it to any of you have opinion on that is there a way for some people say twitter needs to have stricter standards that facebook needs to up it standards and needs to take care of this other people like me would say you let the free market decide and you know what you ought to do your own validation before you go spreading stuff around the internet but what do you guys think is there a solution to this i don't know about social media trying to filter what's news and what's not because that's been a problem especially with conservative news personnel and outlets but you mentioned that i mean one example and who in here recalls brian rolls abc news chief investigative correspondent i mean he went wild with this alex that michael flynn was directed by van candidate president trump to speak to russian officials during the twenty sixteen presidential election that wasn't true it was after the election put him on suspension of course they put out an apology eventually was fired but his reporting alone tanked the stock market over three hundred points so i mean this was something that was a.

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