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Hello and welcome to favor. I'm an areas, and I'm Laurin Vogel bomb and today, we're talking about nutritional yeast, which apparently some people call Newt. And I really don't like that. I really do. Not like that. Okay. I did see a recipe for Newt shoe cheese dip. And I find that straight delightful. Like, I can't argue with new show. Newt nah, no. I'm not word. You can't even explain why there's no particular thing. It doesn't sound nice. It does honestly nutritional yeast doesn't sound nice either. But it's but it's fine. I mean, it's it, but it is nice. It tastes very nice. Actually, it does. I I've used it quite a bit not so much recently. But back when I was more healthy than I currently. But I use as a cheese substitute kind of. Because it does have a flavor that can pass. I mean, it's good on its own. But if you're looking to cut back on cheese, it is a way you could do that. Sure. And I remember making particularly like a lot of pastas with it, and like topping it topping pastas. Oh, yeah. Yeah. It's also good as topping for popcorn. I look off guard. Well, sure, I was about to say that's nothing's going to stop you from eating popcorn. I mean, hopefully, not, but this brings us to our question nutritionally east. What is it? Well, nutritional yeast is a powder or flake. That's kind of toasty yellow in color, a cheesy or nutty flavor, and is basically dried yeast juice that sounds so appetizer allow me to explain. We've talked on this show before about Saccharomyces cerevisiae. A like we've talked a lot about it because it's a strain of yeast that's used to ferment green into beer and juice into wine. It's used to create air pockets and flavor in bread. It's the active ingredient and vegemite end or marmite and is also responsible for adding flavors to a whole bevy of things from Worcestershire sauce to chocolate all those good thing..

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