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For us to really get attention. Really appreciate patrick. Mahomes for what he does after the first couple of years narrative has already been written. Let story has already been told. That movie has already been shown. The sequel might be great. The sequel might be all right. But it's never going to be as great anthony original right. How many movies and hollywood have had sequels and the sequels have been better than the originals. Maybe iraqi if you argue. I don't know but for the most part the original is always the best. Well patrick mahomes what he did. I came out and caught our attention and the things that he was doing. He can't top anything that so patrick. Mahomes did not going to be winning the type of championship. If this is to say that keiler murray is brand new shiny object last year. Start the first four weeks of the season but russell wilson russell wilson super bowl champion russell wilson. What is the best quarterbacks in the league for years russell wilson finding letting seattle russ russell wilted who has never in his career despite the accolades despite the achievements despite the accomplishments russell wilson has never even got a vote for mvp number. What he's doing for the first world four weeks of the season look at the numbers then. He's putting a book at the passing yardage that he's putting a book at the seattle seahawks record. Look at their office. What he's doing this that the other. The narrative was starting to right itself in terms of this is the reason why. I'm going to be going with russell. Wilson at the mvp. The first four weeks of the twenty twenty seats and the narrative was there and despite. What patrick mahomes doing what patrick mahomes would he do. Although for. what three hundred fifty yards four touchdowns and no interception big whoop de damn do like. He doesn't do that every week. Right but russell wilson. Wow this is unbelievable. I can't believe it in. oh he's never gotten. I can't believe i never thought about that. You're gonna tell me that he he's never gotten a single vote for the mvp. Oh this is going to be as year blah blah blah now. Russell wilson fell off. Aaron rodgers emerged and he won the your vpn. Aaron rodgers started building his narrative to where it was like. Oh we give it to aaron rodgers even though you could have easily given it to patrick mahomes for the year that he had. But you know that. That's the reason why i'm saying that right. Now i think kyla murray has more legs if he continues to do what he's doing the take home that vp. I i'm not saying then a week four we should just go ahead and mark it down in ink irreversible that we need to give the mvp to well tyler murray by think early on in this race early on in this debate we're speaking about who the mvp. I think kyla murray as a guy who's staying at number one could be there for the remainder of the season if he's continuing continuing to do what he's going to be doing because as i mentioned before before he had that injury and later on in that year that he was a guy who was pulling up some strong numbers and he was on the He was on the up and terms of you. Know giving serious consideration for the mvp thailand. Murray is not something it's like. This is a four week sample and all of a sudden now. This is going to be a guy who would arrive within. Hasn't been any evidence before that kylie murray can do something like there. There's evidence there and you take a look at the team. You take a look at the narrative you take a look at the teammates around them. You take a look at the offense you take a look at the responsibility that kylie murray has to be success..

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