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Of dollars to begin the plan just by my webinar. You know they want the plan just by. Just follow it in somehow. That's the promise of a shortcut to get to where you wanna go faster. They just wanna get the winter circle faster. But if you do not control your variables the faster you go. The more risk you incur in. What happens is that as you start to derail than you're unhappy with the advice that you got. You hit the program that you buy. You've lost a lot of time effort and resources pursuing something that maybe should have been pursued in the first place so for me. You've got to be explicitly clear on where that starting point is once we've established the starting point as it exists your readiness against your goals than we can devise trajectory between the two. That's got kinda to parts to it. Based upon the current knowledge base. There's a body of evidence that informs us about what we can project out into the future. The steps should be based on a current visibility seeing the horizon that we're confident that we need in can get to but then there are some things beyond the horizon. Week projecting conjecture about that we can estimate but we don't have enough information yet to say with one hundred percents certainty that they're correct as of this time but as we move forward in completing somebody's initial targets then we'll have more visibility. Help more to say about that later. I want to know that first and foremost with anybody and why because it helps me determine whether i'm the right fit for them it helps determine for them whether they're really understand what it's going to what it's going to take to get from where they wanna get you from where they are. And so the way that i do it is that this is kind of a modular piece in that they want to. And you wanna get to the data like quick you said and uniform metaphors wanted to under cab or real quick before we proceed. Okay loved the idea of having. Gps loved the idea of clarify. Where one starts with one wanna go and then then crop the path versus. Just gimme a path. Right here where i don't care. Just give me the best tool the best right now. Funnel software right Okay right so knowing where you where you are where you wanna go then kroft other pets love it and also love. Let me underline this. It's not it's it's it's about whatever you wanna go start there versus going way out there where your headlines doesn't even reach razor what you see right now. We wanna go. That's a place to start. Is that a wreck. Ria or you share. Sure i'll add a couple of points. Texture here is that. Let's say you have your. Gps correct and my address is nineteen fifty s. What it is so. Let's say by mistake. Or because sloppy. I program in nineteen sixty.

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