President Trump, Bernie Sanders, Gavin Newsom discussed on She Didn't Text Back Podcast


Yeah it's a whole different game we're expecting presidents do if i was a president i would tweet oh yeah oh how the way it is now like bernie sanders is great on twitter gavin newsom is if you're a liberal mother lover and great on twitter what's his name gavin newsom he's running like they're saying funny things or they're saying like they're just pt they're heated i love it when politicians argue on twitter that is also my other favorite thing are you with each other like gavin newsom we'll go at jeff sessions and it's like oh helen you everything is just wrestling all these motherfuckers oh we gotta have a theme song every time you enter a room you just have some type of thing okay we'll get to that yeah we'll leave it at that by name is darren gertner i'm william haines please follow me on social media mr william hain you really should because we'll sad are i just like give them a like give me give me give them ten likes me what did you say your social media yeah and love yourself tell your mother whoever you love that you mean it follow me too i'm about to drop new song a may twenty fourth and i'm putting it out there in the universe that i believe that spotify is going to feature it because they feature my last one and why wouldn't they feature the new one we gotta go in the building and let them know the songs call staycationing it comes out may twenty fourth listen to it on spotify i tunes or whatever the fuck you love yourself prove yourself right no the destiny is true you really do have worth and i want you to know that and you are beautiful rural you are and who you become i think we should have ava on next week okay all right you guys can talk about my dirty secrets the ones you don't even know goodbye.

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