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News correspondent, Karen Travers. Carry good morning. What was the president's reaction to the president said that bright Kavanagh's? Testimony was power. Awful honest, and riveting he watched almost every second of it. I in Air Force One on the short flight from New York to Washington and then later at the White House all afternoon, either cleared schedule, so he could pay attention to what was happening on Capitol Hill. And there it was also last night the president was late to go to a fundraiser here in town. He stayed delayed his departure, so he could watch the end of the hearing. And then seconds after the hearing ended he tweeted that very strong show of support for Brad Kavanagh. Ultimately, it comes down to whether this changed any minds yesterday. What's what's expected during the vote this morning? It certainly didn't sound like any of the mines that had been publicly declared had been changed. If Republicans had already said they were going for Cavanaugh. They still are Democrats who were not supporting him are still not. It's those undecideds the ones who have not said what they're going to do that are as always still in the spotlight Jeff flake, Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, Joe Manchin, and Joe Donnelly names that we are always talking about. So today, it's a procedural vote. In the Senate Judiciary committee is just a move. It out of committee says not the final vote that won't take place for several days. This is is there a plan b if indeed the cavenaugh nomination long as the odds are goes down, the White House says no plan B, they're firmly behind Cavanaugh, and they feel good about where things stand right now. That said there are still a lot of votes to be had. And then there are still, you know, they have to convince a couple more Republicans assuming they don't get any democrat votes, which they still could. But this is going to be tight could be very much down to the wire, this grip the entire nation. What was it like in DC yesterday? We've goes townie. Yeah. I mean, I it's all anybody was doing. I mean, we were joking that like if you have a Fitbit or step tracker nobody hit their steps yesterday because nobody got up. Everybody was just watching this hearing and waiting to see how this played out. I was here at the White House very late last night. And I went home when there's a time where they're normally be no traffic downtown. And it was just bumper to bumper. It was raining, but you also. Have the sense that people stuck around till seven o'clock to watch the hearing just like the president did and then decided to head home. I mean, it was really the only thing happening in town yesterday. Well, the other thing that was supposed to happen was the meeting between President Trump and his deputy attorney general what's happening with that. Now, it'll be next week they postponed it because of the hearing yesterday. I you know, I wouldn't be surprised if the meeting maybe doesn't even happen. The president certainly on Wednesday was signaling that his preference right now would be to keep rod Rosenstein in that position that you know, kind of bubbling over issue seems to have slowed down a little bit. But we'll see what happens in the next few days. Thanks, Karen have a good weekend. ABC's Karen Travers with from the White House talking about the cavenaugh nomination. A popular religious magazine is now rescinding its endorsement of the supreme court nominee, the editors of American magazine, which is a weekly Jesuit publication had endorsed cavenaugh noting his stance on abortion. But after the hearing yesterday, and the testimony the magazine withdrew its endorsement editors writing, even if the credibility. The allegation has not been established beyond a reasonable doubt. The nomination is no longer in the best interests of the country. Komo news time five twenty time for the propel insurance money update. A possible problem.

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