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Bobby shantz in relief of Stafford who in turn really bob turley. The proof being that this game a baseball, there's room for all sizes and shapes. This ball is hurts every bit as big as his body. Well, that was Bobby shantz and he was wonderful as seemingly every four for players that I managed to get on the phone has been. Do you think that there's a selection bias here where the ones who would be real stinkers are just like, no, I don't talk to you, get away from me. Yes, except that that has never really happened that I can recall when I done these cold calls. Good luck. I think it's good luck. Bobby said he was very lucky. Maybe we've been lucky with the cold calls too. But I think it's also that we have done them judiciously. I mean, look, if we were to call Willie baze, which, hey, we'd love to have Willie Mays on the show if he wants to come on. He is always welcome, but we would call Willie. I would not call Willie base. I would be petrified and would not dare, but I would also not dare because Willie Mays probably has people calling him and wanting to talk to constantly, right? Right. Your Charlie Mac swells and your Bobby chances and your Ned carvers and your Eddie robinsons. I mean, these were all good players who had long careers in the majors, but they're not Willie Mays. They're not household names to today's youth. So I don't think they have people cold calling them so often. And so if you get to be 90 something, I mean, look, if I make it to that age, which would be wonderful, even if I've broken both of my hips and whatever else I'll take it. I'd sign up for that right now. But if I make it to that age, I'm giving blanket permission right now to anyone who wants to cold call me to ask me questions. Because I feel pretty happy if I were a alive and B, if anyone wanted to talk to me and still thought I was really interesting, which invariably these guys tend to be. And I guess like one of the big takeaways is that it was two separate mowing the lawn accidents that resulted in the hips getting broken. And so it just, it perhaps speaks to an indomitable spirit, right? That you do it the first time and you're like, oh, just get back out there and see how it goes. And if that's your attitude, you probably are happy to share your stories with a plucky young baseball type who wants to tell you how you just like really dominated a bunch of Hall of Famers. Yeah, right. We never call and say, you were really terrible at something. Yeah, that's the other thing. We're never like, hey, you were the worst at this. Like that would be a terrible way to treat someone. Yeah, there are some exceptions to that on episode 9 64, Sam and I called called Bill hands who has since passed away, sadly, but we wanted to talk to him about the fact that he allowed 5 home runs to pitchers in 1968. And then along the same lines in episode ten 81, Jeff and I called Glenn borgman because we wanted to talk to him about a game when he was catching and he allowed 12 stolen bases. So those were not those guys find his hours. But again, no one knows these things about Bill hands or Glenn borgman. But yeah, if someone calls you up and say, hey, did you know that Hall of Famers couldn't hit you? What are you going to say? Leave me alone. How dare you? I wasn't insulting him. So I feel like that was probably welcome news. So just a few notes about just in response to things he said on this call. And I could have talked to him for twice as long because as soon as I hung up, there were things that I thought, oh, I should have asked him about that. Because in his very second game in 1949, when he came up for Connie max a is apparently Mack was not super impressed by his first outing for the a's and he was actually on the verge of being sent back down to the miners, but then some other pitchers caught cold or were unavailable. And so Bobby shantz came in and in his second major league game on May 6th, 1949, he came out of the bullpen and through 9 no hit innings. And the first pitcher to do that since the Ernie shore in relief of Babe Ruth perfect outing in 1917 so that was pretty cool. And he ended up losing the no hitter because he pitched into a tenth inning, but he did win the game. So that was a pretty special outing. I would say not bad for your second major league appearance and that earned him a longer leash and he took advantage of that and he actually said in an article once that his signing bonus was a great big handshake. So he was not like a highly touted prospect, which makes sense given his frame and his size. And the Jimmy dykes connection. So I don't know if you remember this, but Jimmy dykes played an important part in Charlie Maxwell's career as well. And so he came up on that episode last week because Jimmy takes was the manager who came in and said, hey, Charlie Maxwell, you should not be on the bench. You should be starting in 1959 and then he put him in the lineup and then Maxwell hit his four homers in the double header. So that was Jimmy dykes doing that for Maxwell and he also did something for Bobby shins. He led to that breakthrough for both of them and that he said yeah, throw that knuckle ball, so that was kind of cool. And Jimmy dykes once said about chance. I'll carry him from the hotel to the ballpark if he weighs over one 45. He can walk under my armpits, and he wouldn't have to stoop much to walk under some of those strikes he throws either. Jimmy dykes was 5 9. Oh my gosh. Yeah. Now Ted Williams, as you heard, he told chance that he had the best curveball and chances previously said, most of the time I got him out, that's what he said about Ted Williams..

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