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The very early days people do take a look at the the the genius of Brian Wilson no doubt about that but is it not also true that the song Kokomo which you wrote turned out to be the biggest beach boy hit of all time that is true that is true and that was done with you know John Phillips of Mamas and Papas he had a beautiful verse and I came up with the chorus the Aruba Jamaica part and Terry Melcher came up with the he was the producer of it news Doris day's son need he produced the the birds and and border on the raiders and and use it fantastic producer producer and that gave rise to coax Kokomo it went all the way to number one and the push that out several million copies how is it my glove that Barry Manilow got the song I write the songs and not the beach boys even though it was written by one of the beach boys Bruce Johnston we know Bruce it was on hiatus for a couple years there at that at the time he wrote I write the songs which is a brilliant song the actually a song about god coming up with the music which is true though so you know that that was his his amazing contribution to the music I mean it's one of the more popular songs over and Barry Manilow's you know such a great recording artist so yeah but you're right it's the reason we didn't get a crack others because he wrote it when he was out of the group for just a couple years back in the late sixties early seventies you know I didn't know until I read good vibrations but I guess it makes sense the song little deuce coupe which was a big hit for you guys actually the name of the holiday classic little Saint Nick the card is just one more temple and similar vocal arrangements stuff like that.

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