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I wanna be a seal in. My dad was like a seal. Why would you do that. Like i thought about it forever and he. I'd never mentioned it to anybody because it's a scary conversation to have. I don't even drink in the late nineties. There was that much known about seals yard. Nobody knew yeah. Yeah and yeah. That's way before cell phones and computers and all that stuff and But i remember wanting nine thousand nine hundred eighty and so now. I'm back and i committed. I went down to the the recruiting office and thank god. There was actually a navy seal. In there i happen stance and i said hey i want sign up for the program. And he looked at me and he said Do you know what is involved. And i'm like. I don't really care i'm just going to be a navy seal and so i took the first test and failed it terribly. The physical test. Which i think is really difficult and he goes well if you can pass the test. I'll sign you up until you pass tests. I'm not gonna put my name on that line. Six months training came back. Signed up Pass the test sign up for a delayed entry at the time and then i made it into the seal program. I failed four times filled out of hell week four times and they don't let people do that because it's damaging out there for a year and training just getting beat up and got turned out of the program came back tom. I'm gonna cry. Hit pause right there. I really want to listeners. To understand a little bit about what that means because you see something about the seals on tv whether it's in the news or it's an action film but you don't necessarily know much about what hell week really is. What experiences and and i i went through ranger school back in an army ranger school back in ninety two and my claim to fame. Which i don't usually talk about is that I had a root canal tooth during ranger school. You got a little bit of you. Get a little bit of time and i had a really really bad toothache and i was fortunate enough to We were down in eglin air force base area and the swamp face. I was very fortunate in that. I've been living motrin for several weeks. I went into eglin air force base in my few few hours of physical guessed. What do you call it when you see the medic. Basically eight the rest few hours of restaurant and get this taken care of. And i went to the went into the dentist chair there at eglin and they said somebody just cancelled a root canal. We'll do one for you so did a root canal and sent me right back that same day to ranger school and i was able to finish. I don't usually talk about that story because usually doesn't come up in conversation. Talked to somebody like you. But that's nothing like what you experienced so tell us a little bit about what hell week is. And how do you get this claim to fame of five shots at the time. So let's talk a little bit about hell week regarding you know how it becomes a mindset and the leadership dynamic and hopefully do justice to what you're trying to do in the podcast as well and tie.

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