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The tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons from the body leading the way Home Traffic Center news 93.1 kfbk. It's a very hard forecast for today through the week and we'll see blazing sunshine Highs one Oh 4108 today down to near 70 Tonight near Records tomorrow on Sunday highs 1921 13 Tomorrow 16 to 1 10 on Sunday Mackey Weather's Bill Digger News 93.1 kfbk, then it is already off to a warm start this morning currently 78 degrees in Roosevelt on news 93.1 kfbk. Governor Newsom is urging Californians to reduce the water they used by 15%. But this morning, critics say it is too little too late KFT CASE Aubrey Aquino With some of the reaction to this announcement, lawmakers and environmental groups remain critical of the state's response to a year that's drying up quickly restore the Delta executive director Barbara Barriga. NKorea likens drought response to measures put in place for the delta, where they're now stuck between bad choices. We are in worse shape than we were six years ago, and if it doesn't rain In the fall and the Winter. California is going to have serious problems. We have no choice but to conserve. At this point. Her group specifically points at the Department of Water Resources for mistakes they've made to land California in this predicament. Assembly member Frank Bigelow is also critical, releasing a statement saying voters have been ignored, and we still have no new water storage. And while he thinks the governor for finally acting believes it's too little, too late, Aubrey Aquino News 93.1 kfbk We will join Aubrey in about 10 minutes to go deeper on the folks who are criticizing what the governor had to say. This morning. Six former Highway Office Highway Patrol officers have been charged with overtime fraud. The officers worked in the East Los Angeles station. The overtime fraud allegedly occurred between January of 2016 in March of 2018. Prosecutors say they were paid for eight hours of overtime while doing just 3 to 4 hours of actual work. Earthquake KFBK continuing coverage An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of six point Oh rattled the California Nevada border yeah, Thursday afternoon, with its impact reportedly felt hundreds of miles away. Austin Elliott with the U. S Geological Survey says the earthquake struck at 3 49 PM near the Antelope Valley Fault. Nearly 40 aftershocks were spawned within two hours, a fairly large earthquake and it's worth remembering that the magnitude scale is log arrhythmic and every unit increase in magnitude is 10 Times increase in the size of the earthquake shakes much more strongly and has a much wider reach. The epicenter was four miles west southwest of Walker, a California town with fewer than 900 residents. The tremor is the largest quake. To hit a system of fault south of Lake Tahoe since 1994 California Classic, returning to Sacramento's Golden One center next month, Cave because Johnny de Agostini tells us more. The two day mini tournament August 3rd and fourth is a tune up for NBA Summer League teams, including the Sacramento Kings and the Golden State Warriors, the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat round out the competition. Anyone wishing to attend must show proof of a full vaccination or a negative covid test taken within 72 hours. The annual NBA Summer League will take place in Las Vegas, August 8th through the 17th. Johnny de Agostini was 93.1 kfbk time Now to get you caught up on this hour's top national stories on news 93.1 kfbk heavy rain and strong winds in the forecast for parts of the Northeast this morning as the weather system that developed in the Caribbean continues to travel north. In New York City to Boston. They're feeling the brunt of Elsa this morning, ABC chief meteorologist in Jersey on Rockaway Beach, New York Tornadoes were one of the main threats. Video from Jacksonville to 110 MPH Winds e F one That was a part of else's calling card. It developed a tornado in almost every state that it.

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