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Glad you could join us coming up tonight talks and football later on. High school Scrimmages tonight some yet last night Some tonight obviously Everybody getting ready for. Next Friday, night Opening night of, high school football, and so you know later on tonight Paul Kandari will join. Me the Indiana football digest is out so I heartily. Encourage you to pick up your copy if there's something you want to know about football, in our state high school and. College this is the place to go I couldn't do the show without and the football digest preseason top ten, and six say Warren, central Avon pin Ben Davis, Carmel, syndrome Columbus north. For wind Snyder fishers and. Franklin central that's a pretty. Good group that's a pretty good group now we're going to. Talk to Paul knee eleven o'clock hour I wanna talk a little, bit about, these particular. Rankings in, five, eight Palestine, cathedral, Columbus east, Ron, Kelly. Zion's hill Decatur Michigan city Bloomington south Mccutchen, in, concord It obviously looks a lot like how things ended up, a year ago but these are some pretty good teams in foreing. Starting the year number one in the Indian football digest poll East-central long Evansville Reitz Mississinewa Michelle Walker northwood doing her, Angola new prairie in New Haven round. Out the, top ten and frankly in in palm are going to, talk, about this. Later there's a lot of parody in these classes in three a Evansville memorial won it, last year west Lafayette, ranked number two bishops should tarred Bishop lures rebuff, Jesuit danville north Harrison Gibson southern lawrenceburg and Michelle walking Marion into a the Indian football digest top ten teams south ridge defending. Champs the Sinop western Boone Tipton Evansville modern day woodland east brook TRITON. Central Shenandoah and rinse a Lear central and in single a. no. Surprise here pioneer ran ran the table lab Last year fountain central north central, farmers Bergman rose central eastern green chair. Bus go, Covington Hagerstown Laville in west Washington so those are some, teams, are going. To be talking about obviously throughout the rest of the season on Friday nights and again, I.

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