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Ritchie run extra sports thirteen hundred at the controls. Got a little vibe in the tap right now. Yes, it's come to life. The die hearts are hearing. They're here to see the pride of El Paso county and Billy the Greek. Yup. What Scott Bradley former falcon class of two thousand one team captain his senior season. And now very much involved with the air force air force hockey alumni group, yet a story you wanted to tell about Billy Christopher de quick story. You read off his stats? Phenomenal goaltender. We had the opportunity to get to know Billy over the first his whole career, really. And as I two years enduring playing behind Shane Stewart, and and then excited for him last year and again this year but last weekend against West Point. Nobody knows this. But really literally an hour before he shows up to the rink. I've got a winch, and we're pulling his his Jeep out of a ditch from my driveway. So phenomenal goaltender terrible driver in the snow. Okay. So North Carolina kid, I get it. Okay. You've got a billion excuses. But we've got some winter driving lessons free before you leave or or over or Uber. Yes. Right. Well, we got a question for you, Scott from Billy. From the audience are you better at being an F twenty two pilot or a gym teacher? That's that's funny. So that way of. Is that a Bill is referencing that I'm getting to work in the athletic department? I get I get to teach some classes down there with cadets, and I had the opportunity to fly some of the world's best airplanes so blessed for the afternoon I've had in the air force. And I give it all the credit to you coach Joe Doyle coach territory for allowing me to go back. And remember is mentioned Cam nealy the other day you go back and watch the Cam. That's what he was for us. He was Cam nealy for us. And if you look at our all Conference Board up there, he's the first man on it. He was the first guy ever to to make an all conference team while we weren't in a league forever. So it was hard to be all conference. They're not in a conference. Yeah. But Scotty was the I was a first guy to be to be on our all conference wall in two thousand one. You don't look much different. You know way back Scott. He had he had a natural maturity about of like he did he had a way about him. He was he was he was one of those guys that was beyond his years in maturity wise, he was way more mature than I was at that point. And in my coaching career. And I've actually I think Jill I've caught up to Scotty a little better. I will I've caught up and Scott, he's gotten more fun. So he's come back a little bit. So yeah. So we have so we get along a lot better now than we absolutely. Got one final question for you. Then we'll let you go you're involved. Now with the alumni hockey alumni if there are some hockey alumni listening wherever they listening to the radio show tonight. And you had a message you wanted to send them what would it be? You know, just just continue to be involved. We've got a great alumni group. A lot of the credit goes to coach Frank, but back Chuck delicacies era. The mid eighties. I grew up watching those guys being a springs kid. And so just stay involved with the program. It's phenomenal to be around. We've got a great following over the three hundred fifty alum guys we've got a solid base. So the communications get better always. Oh, excellent improve. And we're working towards that. But reach out to me or somebody else and get plugged in. Okay. Just like I used to say Colorado Springs. Scotty, bradley. Yeah. Take time out. We'll come back to wrap it up after this on the air force IMG sports network, presented by let's say, you just bought a house bad news is you're one step closer to becoming your parents, you'll probably mold along and skip. Anybody noticed you.

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