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I was glad to hear today that they were on the same page with this pick because at the end of the day and you know how it is, it's hard enough to win in this league. Let alone, if you're not on the same page. So I'm glad to see at least here that you're on the same page with this pick and we'll see if it works out. We hope it does. Jacksonville, of course, in need. They had a great coach after the debacle of last year. They have a great quarterback. Let's see how it plays out. Bruce gradkowski from pro football focus joining us. Thanks for taking the time, Bruce. Good to talk to you. Yeah, thanks for having good talk to you too. Enjoyed tonight. Yes, sir. Have a great day. All right. I think there's a lot of feelings around that around the Trayvon walker pick. I mean, Vegas and everybody knew what was going down with that. But, you know, there may be a question mark. And I think the next day, you're going to have everybody on board of it. I mean, everybody's on board at that point. If you have dysfunction in your organization, you got people talking about it behind their back the next day, then there's already a problem. I like that everybody's part of it. But what did you expect today? Everybody was excited about it. Just like we saw every front office picture on the show. All slap each other on the back and hit shaking hands and smiles when they're draft pick was put in. Yeah, it's just one of those things. It's a lot of unknown. We don't know. We saw some of these other kids play, and you're like, okay, I know what we're getting from him, sure there's questions surrounding kayvon thibodeaux and Derek Stanley and Aiden Hutchinson didn't have a great game in the college football playoff, but, you know, a guy like Trayvon walker, a lot of people would say that he probably wasn't the best defender on his college team, and then you're scratching your head at why he would be considered number one. I guess Jacksonville thinks, look, we have time to let this guy develop into a top flight defender. They have a new coach coming in, so it's not like Doug Peterson is going to get one and done. So they have some runway to let Trayvon walker develop and hopefully for their sake. He does. Unless he just hangs around after a Thursday night game in the town and grab some tail. It doesn't take the flight home, you mean? Yeah. Or if you don't do that, I'm just prefacing that. Don't do.

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