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Is ABC news more news right after this thank you for listening to the AP radio network did you know that you can purchase prints of a piece for tiger fee for your personal or small business use every day a piece to talk first capture incredible images from all around the world there on the scene of wars and conflicts concerts movie premieres championship games and parade AP images dot com to find iconic photos to displaying your home office restaurant or to give to friends and colleagues for more information visit eight dot com cannabis companies in Colorado are sponsoring state highways and putting their names on road side signs it's a loophole in the state's strict limits on marijuana advertising currently fifty one cannabis dispensaries cultivators manufactures and edible producer sponsor roadways throughout the state that's according to the adopt a highway maintenance corporation Colorado department transportation officials say the signs are not intended to be an advertising medium but they become a clever workaround for an industry with a few other options Colorado's rules governing how and where cannabis companies can advertise are strict to prevent marketing messages from reaching miners state regulators prohibit cannabis businesses from advertising on TV radio and in print unless they can prove the audience's predominantly twenty one and older digital and social media platforms are even more restrictive.

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