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Neighbor, State farm is there now from the Smithville Broadcast center. This is Hoosier pregame hears the voice of the Hoosiers. Dawn Fisher from the Donald Old Soccer Center on the campus of Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida This is IU basketball this evening. The Hoosiers go after win Number four in this young season as they face the Seminoles of Florida State in the 22nd annual Big 10 a CC challenge. I don't get everybody. This is Don Fisher along with Eric Sewer and Joe Smith. We're going to get us back in action tonight. After a week off from their third place finish in the Maui Invitational last week, The Hoosiers played three really good teams and beating Providence, losing to Texas and then whipping Stanford toe up their record 23 and one and that included an easy 30 point season opening win over Tennessee Tech. Two weeks ago. South more trace Jackson Davis career High 31 Point night against the cardinal propelled him to his first Big 10 Player of the week, honor after being nicknamed League freshman of the week five times last year, and I should have said one week ago because that's when he scored those 31 points We could go tonight. Meantime, Florida State had their opening game against Gardner Webb postponed because of covert 19th concerns, and they played their first and on Lee game today in disposing North Florida. 86 the 58 last Wednesday. The Seminoles won the A C C championship last year, and they were turned three starters, several key reserves and they're joined by one of the best freshman in the country in 69 Point guard Scottie Barnes. 19th year. Head coach Leonard Hamilton has his squad rank 20th and 21st in this week's national polls. Well, Eric story you've had a week to digest what you saw from Indiana, the Maui Invitational. What did you see that you liked and what might concern you in this early part of the year? Well, I think looking at the games Donny when Trace Jackson Davis is playing well, this Indiana team is really tough to beat. The offense runs through the big man T. J D when he is cooking, man. Good things happen for this offense. So you really like the way not only the way he played, but his teammates played off of him. I thought two of the three games in the Maui, Indiana offensively looked very good in the defense was very good as well. Now on the other end The thing that I'm still worried about. A concern for this Indiana team is when trace Jackson Davis isn't playing well or when teams come and double team does Indiana have that second score that second option that they can rely on to be their night in And night out. I think that's going to be really important as they continue to play. Very good defense is especially in big 10 play that Indiana have it that second punch or that go to guy. When Tracy Jackson Davis, he's taken out of game or not playing his best. Well, Al Durham, you might say would be maybe one of those guys that could pick up that slack a little bit. But al door and probably will not. If he does play tonight, will be limited amounts because he or an injured the ankle in the Texas ball game and did not play against effort. Yeah, And that's gonna be big for Indiana. I think Alison experienced guy good shooter for this Indiana team and somebody with the ball in his hand that you can really lean on and trust that he'll take care of the basketball in Florida State's a team don, long and athletic, but they really like defensively, get out in passing lanes Coach Leonard Hamilton that's been a staple of this Florida state defense. Get out in pressure the basketball but also have the off defenders. We excite defenders get out and deny the wing and for Indiana's backcourt of Al Can't go tonight. They've really got to take care of the basketball. Florida State loves to beat you by Tony over and then getting out and running, getting fast break points and just making it an up tempo game when Indiana struggled against Texas. Texas. The backcourt really got up in the Indiana and the Hoosiers just could not run their half court stuff like you'd like to see. Coach Marty Miller talked about it. How do we respond when teams get physical with us out beyond the three point line? I think he was disappointed with the way Indiana's offense executed against the aggressive Texas defense. I think you're gonna see a lot of that here tonight against Florida State for State's gonna get out in passing lanes. Try to make this backcourt feeling uncomfortable and without out German there These other guys in the back court for Indiana have gotta have a really good game. Florida State does not lose many games home. There's 66 3 over the last 69 Games, winners of 24 straight at home. It's gonna be a big test here today for this Indiana team, not just the backcourt, but all five guys, whoever's out on the court. It's really got to be locked in at both ends of the court. Yeah, there's no question about that. Florida State, however, has only played one game. And that was against North Alabama last Wednesday. They haven't played since then. Prior to that they were supposed to play Gardner Webb. It got postponed because of the co bits issue, but that said, they don't have the same experience level at this point in the season as Indiana does, that might be a big advantage. I think I agree with you there. I think having those three games and not in my alley, but in the Maui Invitational, I think is absolutely huge. For Indiana, you can start to develop an identity. Kind of know what your team's going to do, especially playing on the road against a good Florida state team. Having that experience under your belt, I think gonna be very important for this Indian team. Portions of this Indiana team are young. So to have those games under your belt, I think is gonna be really important for Coach Miller and his staff and for Florida State with Scottie Barnes is the really counted 6 ft nine freshmen. The point guard for Florida State is only be his second college game. And as a freshman playing against good teams. It's an eye opener, and we'll see here tonight. A Scottie Bonds is good enough to play against Indiana's defense because we need to talk about that. Indiana could play some defense gonna have to play great defense on the road in the Big 10 a CC challenge If Indiana wants a chance to win well, the HCC challenge right now is Indiana or the Big 10. I should say, leading it 6 to 1 the first seven games last night, all went the Big ten's favor. With the exception the produce Boilermakers. We should have a 20 point lead at halftime and let it get away from him. So there's no doubt the big 10 is really off to a great start. And.

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