Three Year discussed on Fox News Sunday


The midterms approach i wondered what you thought about the energy around this so it could be that democrats decide to turn out to vote but conservatives turn out to vote in this case as well but a lot of this attention will be on the senate do the senate house republicans run any risk of losing some focus and energy in that regard i i think that enthusiast the doozy gab goes the republicans direction one of the best things that donald trump did is put out that list of twenty plus nominees before he was elected and that gave a lot of enthusiasm to a very conservative base that knew that the court has made critical decisions and republicans the tortuously have made mistakes and this in the past they put up some nominees who didn't turn out to be quite so conservative so even though it's a house seat and they don't get a vote it's the same base of voters that gets enthusiastic and actually shows up vote even in a midterm election well we're going to continue to follow this obviously i just ask any of you advice you would give to the senate democrats who are running for reelection vote early with the president or wait and see if schumer pressures them to not vote the key for them is what the two potential republican no votes do if kalenjin rakowski break against the nominee that would give political cover the democrats who were in tight reelection races to possibly do the same if the republicans hold then i think the heat is really on those people then you can see like a fifty four you'd probably get some extra votes as was the case with gorsuch but i would add that i think the democratic base that we were just talking about for the first time being activated on this issue is pretty intense so you get someone like senator senator of a hawaii she's gonna vote against every trump nominee for any court as a result you can do that because she's from hawaii even for red state democrats in here we're talking about like joe darling indiana i think that right now the previous vote on a supreme court from a trump nominee okay you guys go ahead we understand said the democratic base democratic leadership like right i see what you mean on this one i don't think that whole safe bets in this go around right there there's gonna be a fight from dams no matter which of the three or four depending on how you're looking it's going to be an interesting summer haven't they all been the last three year all right jillian i want to turn north korea with you secretary peyot gets back yesterday he said look i slept very well there's progress do you see the north koreans coming forward and saying it's regrettable they treat us like gangsters as just a bump in the road or a derailment of the process i was thinking it's interesting you ask me that question because in my mind earlier what i was thinking to myself is okay is this is this a bump in the road or does this constitute a crisis and i don't think anybody knows the answer yet i don't think the administration i don't think secretary pompeo knows the answer yet and not because he's not knowledgeable but because i don't think it's gonna take another few weeks for that to become a parent but one thing the administration is doing now is really circling the wagons everybody from secretary pompeii or the president heather nauert the state department spokesperson to master john bolton now national security adviser they've got a message and the messages to stay cool calm and collected in the face of this whatever whether it's a bump in the road or crisis and to emphasize that it's a process and the process is ongoing and the process is on track the first thing that secretary pompeo said yesterday when asked about the foreign ministry comments from.

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