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Sometime in the fall of eighteen eighty six Nancy Mary's brother, Jeff McCoy stabs, and then shoots pike county mail carrier named Fred Wolford, Jeff is Johnny hatfields. Wife's brother son of as a Harmon McCoy. Jeff flees Kentucky to Nancy Thome investor Geneva hide out from the law, and there he learns about Mary and her daughter getting whipped by cap Hatfield. Tom Wallace, Jeff is outraged. Huff Oto whip no dog folk he decided to punish Hatfield associate Tom Wallis. Maybe a little bit hesitant to to go after cap Hatfield directly will Jeff along with an accomplice named Josiah Hurley, they wait until cap is out at his house, then kidnapped Tom Wallace take him to jail in pie feel Kentucky. However, Tom Wallace manages to escape and return to caps house. Jeff chose area catch up to him. But after a short confrontation, they give up and then when cap learns about the assault on his home and Wallace being taken. He files a complaint with local Justice of the peace his relation. Who issues warrants for the arrest at points Kappa special constable, how convenient he gets become officer. You know, so that he can serve the warrants himself. So now he gets to go after McCoy somewhat legally quasi illegally. And he does arrest Jeff McCoy Josie Hurley, but then Jeff escapes, quote unquote, during transport to county jail dives into the tug fork tries to swim back to Kentucky. He does make the riverbank or then captures shoots in from across the river, and he dies. So another McCoy a nephew of all rantel has been shot and killed by a Hatfield hog folk still still way up in this food. All right in the wake of yet. Another killing Deva Lance tries to soothe the the bad blood between the two families on December twenty six eighteen eighty six day of Christmas, Devlin's.

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