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Actually they changed the name briefly to quakers which you know was kind of funny because there had been other teams called the quakers. In addition to penn there's some Pro teams called the quakers to the the the spas and then the warriors were called briefly. The quakers somebody wanted to change their named phillies. Which would have been kinda stupid. I think since there was already a team called that but yeah they they They had a lot of the good players from the city on it. And you know. I interviewed some of these guys because they were still around and they had they had great stories to tell about those years and Like i say some one. Onto the warriors in played there but you know and just godly was just so so tightly wound into these things and the you know the stars or the philadelphia stars. That was another area that he was really in deep into and Time to be that involved with with the the the negro national league the second version of that And the stars franchise. I'm guessing that had something to do with what you alluded to earlier. Sort of that. Sunday blue law thing because you know a lot of the negro league teams obviously needed to play or we're playing in major league stadiums when they're quote unquote home tenants. Were on the road right so we can dates mattered. In sunday's were half of those dates right well. The philly teams and philadelphia actually has had negro league team since the early nineteen hundreds and a at one point along. The way team called hildale was formed and They were formed in nineteen ten and later We're part of the several leagues actually But we're Very substantial team that played in delaware county near Field was not too far from where i live and they as well as the stars who were formed a couple years after the hildale team folded they would play on mondays and the Philadelphia ballparks whether it was the as part of the phillies pork They would often play a doubleheaders on mondays. Because back then. Monday was a day off for major league. Baseball teams mostly and so the stadiums were open and the owners would run them out and typically The teams The games would would draw good. Chunk fans ten. Fifteen thousand fans would come to their games which they couldn't get any other time because their first of all stadiums weren't large enough and secondly they had they had to play You know during during the week or during a day people were working and so forth so they can play.

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