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To one things getting interesting in the central. The Bruins beat the cardinals six two four within a game and a half of the cubs for the L. Centrally Milwaukee holding the top wildcard spot in the league with the cardinals. Now three behind the dodgers seven Diamondbacks. Four the Rockies all over the Phillies ten to one Colorado just a half game behind Saint Louis in that wildcard hunt. Nationals beat the Marlins seventy three and was the Padres five to nothing over the giants NFL week three concluded with Monday night football. The Steelers had a thirty the ten lead at the half. But they had a hold on for dear life down the stretch to win thirty two twenty seven three interceptions by Tampa Bay's Ryan Fitzpatrick who did throw for over four hundred yards for third consecutive week. Also through for. Three T D's the comeback. Try fell short, but Fitzpatrick sees a silver lining. The great thing to me coming out of this game is again, the belief in the huddle in the second half and guys not waver not blinking. And they'll have in the feeling that whole time that we were gonna come back and win the game. And the defense playing the tails off and give us opportunity with almost three minutes left in the game. The bucks down to two and one Pittsburgh up to one one and one Ben Rothlisberger threw for three hundred fifty three yards three scores one. I n t giants tight end. Evan Ingraham diagnosed with a sprained knee. He's considered week to week before the Niners confirmed the worst quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo down for the season with a tornado C L preseason hockey, the Rangers outlasted the devils in overtime four to three with reports. Every twenty minutes, I'm Harris, Allen WFAN twenty twenty sports. This is John sterling listen to the Yankees baseball tonight and tomorrow night at seven ten as the bombers in Tampa Bay rays continue their mid. Week series in the sunshine state. Our coverage gets underway at six thirty. And after the game keep an ear and wake up with boomer and geo from six to ten AM exclusively on your flagship station for Yankees talk tickets and every game the fan sports radio one zero one nine FM and sports radio sixty six WFAN and WFAN FM New York. Thanks. And we'll get back to the phones momentarily,.

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