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Okay enough with the plugging. Let's get to this episode. Which i think this is really a fantastic episode to wrap up twenty twenty and i will say you know. I hope this year of podcasts has helped Distract you a help from another wise very stressful year. Help give you some positive takeaways Some fun things are like. I said just kinda zone out for an hour you know and sort of shut everything else off. I appreciate you appreciate that. You've listened to this podcast own. My gosh i mean. Even if you haven't been around. Since the beginning i appreciate that you listen to it at all. Maybe maybe you just discovered it this year. I don't know but we're going into our eleventh year. Which is a long time over a decade. oh my gosh anyway This is matthew mcconaughey this episode and he was just incredible like such a great dude to talk to and it's on the heels of his book release called green lights which you can either read in book form but i recommend the audio version because he reads the audio version. And so what. I find great about that especially with performances that you can really hear the intention behind the stories and especially because this is essentially autobiographical and i say essentially autobiographical. Because it is an autobiography but it's a philosophical journey so it's not just i was born and then this happened it it's really about. I was born in these things happen. And here is what. I extrapolated from that philosophically. How i kind of navigated these things In so it is. There are a ton of lessons. I read this. Listen to this book And it's great because it's like it just sounds like you're sitting down and hanging out with mcconnell. Hey for a few hours. And i took a lot of notes. There's just so many great life lessons and he's definitely a student of life and someone who is always strive to do better even through you know rocky times through times. We didn't know what he was going to do. And also you know. I wish i brought this up on the podcast. 'cause i'm curious to know how how he responds to this but he talks about in. He mentioned it a couple of times in the book that when he was growing up his favourite show was the incredible hulk. I also watched the seventies bill bixby incredible hulk which by the way is the most depressing superhero. Maybe one of the most depressing shit in the history of because it. It really was the sort of greek. Hero's journey of he was called david banner in the series. They called him david. Banner instead of bruce banner but his but at the same character because he basically is just the loneliest guy in the world. And it's just the greek hero's journey of him trying to find himself and get back home home home being himself. I guess his whole life but he's got this hulk situation that he's got to deal with and i find it interesting that when you give too much away but green lights is really mcconaghy's journey and oftentimes. When he would find himself in crisis he would hit the road in search of himself. Just go somewhere. You know david banner style you know. He would go talk to shaman and he'd go talk to different people and tried to get wisdom and understand. Go on these trips. For a long time. He lived like he had an airstream and he would just drive around the country. And just you know just inhabit. Move on and i wanted to ask him like. Do you think there was influenced by david. Banner at all from the incredible hulk who dead kind of had the same. And really you know..

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