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Kind of inappropriate bumper. To come back here being higher ground in all because someone who never takes Higher ground. Or a higher road is Aubrey Huff. And not a guy that I like to bring up too much because he is just ages terrible. And I'm sorry, and I'm not even talking about Whether he's Right wing or left wing That has nothing to do with just such a hateful guy. Just filled up with hate, and it just And I guess me despising him because of that. It doesn't make me a whole lot better, but JJ is constantly And as you know, he's very out spoken. And he's been somebody that has popped up on social media quite a bit. It has gone a lot of heat, which he loves. He loves it. Because he is anti mask. And anybody that wears a mask. Is a sheep. And We're all scared. Those of us who want to wear a mask in public are scared. And where we shouldn't come out of our houses if we're worried and all this kind of stuff Aubrey Huff reacted to Ian Desmond's Comments. Especially the locker room once. And he tweeted out. Add MLB is so racist that at Rocky's donated $70 million to a career to 63 hitter and 3 15 on base percentage. Just so not What? What a complete and utter jerk. And by the way, If I just asked you And please don't let what I just said. Influence you. If I said who's a better player, Aubrey Huff for Ian Desmond over the course of his career. Dancers Ian Desmond, by the way. Higher career war, then Aubrey Huff. Just to throw one man trick out there. Ian Desmond. Has been a better baseball player over the course of his career than Aubrey Huff. And for Aubrey Huff to take this shot. And it you know what in a way? In a way. He's proving in Desmond's point, because I bet you and I don't know if Ian Desmond on Aubrey Huff have ever been on team together. I don't believe that they have. Aubrey Huff is probably one of the guys that's walking around saying Homophobic racist. Misogynistic things. You may say, Well, that's quite the accusation, Ryan, but he throws that stuff out on Twitter. So Aubrey Huff is a guy that proves Ian Desmond's point. And if you are a sport That has a history of not being not giving. Minorities. A chance to Advance, be apart of ownership or lead franchises that Is racist. You have really like we've been through this were all educated enough and up on this. As a form of racism that you don't view. Black men is being People that you can promote from within. And give them that opportunity. So Aubrey Huff is just terrible. Has nothing. Tio if he's there are plenty of good, nice, honest, hard working people that support President Trump. Has nothing to do with whether you support the president or not. It's the long list of tweets that Aubrey Huff in his videos and things like that, that just make him a terrible person. It's not because he leans one way politically. There's a way that you can lean a certain direction politically and still be a decent human being. And Aubrey Huff doesn't Can't find that balance..

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