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Well, and it's a carved face at a place called Thaba before Drik, which means the well of Patrick, and it's on a mountainside overlooking Galway bay and the baron the limestone area of north. Yeah. Yeah. And the well is the place that draws most people, but just below the well is a square plans of rocks that have been put together, and these rocks are all kind of archaeological miscellaneous of of the area. And and there are a number of carvings and things from indeterminate a parts of Irish history. And this face is one of them in the face is quite extraordinary. And I've always seen it as a face of a woman, and it's just facing into the weather. And I remember the first time I saw the face in the rock. I had the shock of understanding that I was being asked to hear something and that, but that I wasn't quite hearing it I had this sense that the face was trying to tell me something. And I remember standing that for the longest time and just not getting it, which is a bit of a shock for me. Because my thing in life is getting it. That's my job is to get it and say it, and I just wasn't. Getting it. And and I stood there for the longest time. And I said, well, I'd have to come and see you again and have another interview them, and I've gone up to before Drik at least once a year for the last twenty years and sometimes two or three times a year, and it's one of my favorite places on the planet. And each time I go I'd stand before this face, and I would have this little silent exchange, and but I was no wiser every time. And then I went into this stretch of years where I just got used to not knowing and and I just stood then happy that I didn't know what she was trying to say to me just like all the other relationships. It might say. Why should this be different? And but then I got a hold of myself. And I said, no, you need to really ass years actually trying to tell you something. Well, this went on for years. I'd go out there. And in fact, twenty s and it was just last year after I'd spent an intensive week in Connemara in Haina working with cinematographer and camera woman that I made this I made this breakthrough in Connemara with the camera lens. There was this intimacy. I'd always felt you know on the page with the invisible listener or writer or or Rita. Sorry. The intimacy with an audience, but I had never quite established it with a camera lens. I'd always felt it with the microphone in a studio in with radio. But I was very happy to find that during that week. I made this breakthrough with the camera lens itself and all the is and behind that lens. Well, at the end of the week, I said to the camera woman. Let's go round two. Befo drink to the well of Patrick, and I'll do a little piece above the world about drinking from a different sauce. But then I want to show you this face..

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