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This is monstrous that this was a relatively mild protests winds are sore rabid anti semite and pro terrorists led demonstrations inside the judiciary hearings for the confirmation of bread kavanagh with specific of obstructing. Them was an insurrection. Chris committee all set. That's democracy in action. Well an insurrection is the looting of the hatfield courthouse in portland oregon and they don't cover it. It's going on every day. They just had a big one in new york. The violence is all on the left. These are the fascist. And i just longed for some republicans to use that word. Well some of the bar but most of them are into all with the you know the part of the trump movement now the recently coca-cola and delta airlines protesting the state of georgia asserting its right to regulate the voting and to protect the state from suppression. Which is a false vote is cast and You're in boston jeff. Kunar i know you know. Gentleman should go on with these. He was talking about the possibility. That the These big companies are responding to Social scoring by the big tech of google and facebook that they have like a means by which they were examining now all businesses. It's called the The e. s. gene e stands for environment s stanford social justice of socialism. Angie sense of governance. And if a business doesn't have a high enough score in any one of those areas in terms of bootstrapping to the left then they're going to lose their position in big check. They're going to not have inch of yours not going to get their name. These immunity passports will one day. Incorporate all that you know. It's internal passports. It's it's fascism most probably because they use it patients with german corporations. That's what fascism is quoted the book burning and addition to racism jew hatred. Biden's first acts artist give hundreds of millions of dollars that trump took away from palestinian. Terrorists over goal is to destroy the jewish state and killing jews. the genocidal terrorists. That's what binding this special of reopening of the operas in washington development and i was yesterday was yonghe show and i was watching some interviews with people who have done dern journals on their you know their grandparents experience the holocaust and one of the things that i notice tonight. I was thinking about this. More acutely is that they all reported that the nazi government sees their parents and grandparents. Businesses seized the property. They never got it back. In other words they redistributed the wealth. And that sort of what. Fascism dunn's it is probably in whites and jews in america for playing the role of jews in germany for the democrats. Is you know it's it's unbelievable. The way anti white racism is just you know it's currency gonna. It is cards and don't get called out for well. They control the high ground in the media. And i think it's other issues that conservatives in american republicans are too damn polite. They don't want to embarrass their enemies in public. They get called racist..

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