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He knows and then Louis C K precedes a use the N word, and they're all having a good time. Joking around about it for surveys was there. He was also joking. But Jerry Seinfeld was very uncomfortable. Somebody found this clip posted on Twitter and went viral and people are Ingraham about it. Let's see the clip is it on here. Don't they? Here. He's blackest white guy. All the negative things. We think about black people this Bucker you're seeing a miniature. Yes, you are niggers. That's awkward. Ever. Oh. I don't think he could do that. I don't think he has. I mean, you don't even understand really, you don't you don't really know him. Like I've worked with. No like your. I wouldn't use it anywhere. No, exactly. These two these two. You guys don't. Team. That's right. That's right. We should. Losing. We on site. Yeah. These two guys don't believe he says it in private giving it up just because it's playing I don't believe. It's like you've ever said it probably in your life. No, no, you're that's that's a huge difference between you and me. I think well, you'll have found the humor of it. Yeah. I haven't found it, right? Seek it. So I mean, you know, what's Djamil he'll say, I know black folks are completely comfortable with white people saying then word really have had to tell a few white folks that I'm not that black person still it says the only person who was uncomfortable. Here was Jerry Seinfeld. And you know, it's I get the context, and I I don't I wouldn't be uncomfortable..

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