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In order to understand her position. Let me out a little more. If i believe it. Defend is innocent. If i believe his innocence with all my heart and soul that i probably can't help but become an advocate of sorts. Is that something you agree with that. That's something that sounds like something i might have said. Yes so ma'am is not true. Despite what you've said that you're neutral and unbiased that you favor the defense side of in my experience in criminal cases. I have testified on behalf of defense. The defense typically in civil cases it can be either side. But that's because it's usually the prosecution that has a a witness who's got a memory issue in the people vs. Jackson loft admitted that she almost always testifies on behalf of the defense again. Charles bagley reads deputy. Da lewin and alexis. Not bartolo reads. Dr loftus you said you've testified. Roughly in one hundred criminal cases one time for the prosecution right correct. Would you agree. Then man that you're at least you're history has been almost exclusively on the defense side in terms of court testimony yes to reinforces inference. That loftus is biased. Lewin asked her about one of her books entitled witness for the defense separate. That's the title of one of my books. Yes you would agree that. Dr newsday portion in that book where that exact quote than i just said where you say i'd never met a prosecutor who's happy to see me in the courtroom is out right. I just don't recall that or or the context in which i'm on instead of one thousand nine hundred ninety one when that book was published. So i'm going to read it out loud for you. The prosecutor was tall and thin with a long straight knows. That's the bottom of page one. Forty seven top. One forty eight sideburns. That look like they were trimmed with a ruler and fingernails neatly clipped in chinese. If they've been buffed good morning said smile definitely forced. I'd never met a prosecutor was happy to see me in the courtroom. That's what you wrote correct. I well that was in that book from nineteen ninety-one a description of something that happened in one of the trials that i was involved in this so as an unbiased simply scientists wanting to get to the truth why on earth would a prosecutor quote never met. A prophecy was happy to see me in the courtroom. What did you mean by that. What i may have meant. It was nine hundred ninety one so this is just a speculation. Is that typically. I am called live with defense and in a criminal case and so Probably prosecutors are not that happy when i come into the courtroom to testify behalf. The defense which i think is true of you lou and asked loftus about another common element in the trials. Where she has previously testified. So i want to ask. Mr chose nov spent a whole lot of time. Going over your cv. There's going to be no awards for any organizations associated with metoo movement. Is that correct. Well well see none so far right no not so far you've been met with protests around the country for individuals from the me too movement who have a problem with some of the things you've said in some of the rapist and child molesters that you testified or correct certainly people have Been distressed with some of the unpopular people whose cases i may have consulted on or actually testified in. It has distressed. Some people lewin then questioned or motivation for testifying on behalf of another notorious. Defendant disgraced film. Mogul harvey weinstein. Some students or someone got upset that i would dare to testify for someone who's unpopular right. Dare to test for some unpopular world. A whole lot of money correct. It was not a whole lot of money. I agreed to Provide expert testimony for the defense I was away from my office for four days. And i agreed to a fee of fourteen thousand dollars in ma'am no one four she to take that case correct forced to now later liu and went through some of the other defendants on whose behalf. She's worked starting with a particularly notorious client from early in her career. Let's talk about your past client list. Who's ted bundy ted. Bundy was tried for an aggravated kidnapping in the mid-nineteenth. Seventy s Before anybody knew. He was the ted bundy and i was an expert witness in that trial nineteen seventies in utah. So it's your position with my question very carefully that at the time of that trial. Dr there was no discussion of ted bundy. Being a serial killer with with victims in washington at the time at the time ted bundy was the first year law student at the university of utah law school. It was accused of this Attempted kidnapping lou and then went through more of dr loftus. His past clients whose jerry sandusky. He's accused of molesting students in conjunction with the penn state scandal with accused or convicted of dozens of counts of molestation and the he was. He was convicted. Yes you worked on. His case primarily was working on behalf of the penn state administrators who were accused of knowing. And maybe not reporting things that they may or may not have known and then after their case was resolved. I did consult on the sandusky case. I asked you a very simple question. Did you represent jerry sandusky. The answer would be yes consulted on the case. Yes bill cosby. I consulted on that case to harvey weinstein. I actually testified in the weinstein trial. Did anybody force you. Dr take those cases. Nobody forced me no up in taking these cases. Did you make any determination or not to what the charges against these men were true that that is not my role. That's the jury's role to take in all the information and make that decision lewin tried to drill down on loftus his motivation for testifying in these cases the individuals that i just named ted bundy. Hillside strangler timothy mcveigh oj. Simpson the menendez brothers. Michael jackson phil. Spector martha stewart. Jerry sandusky bill cosby harvey weinstein. Do actually leave that. The individuals that i just named were victims of either false memories bad identification your areas of study. It's not my position to judge whether they're guilty or not but there were memory issues in those cases running and you were happy to take the check correct. I actually didn't get paid in all those cases. So let me ask it the clients that i just named was it your quest for fame desire for money or both neither.

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