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Meteorologist Mark Thibodeau 29 degrees in Somerville, 29. Degrees Winslow 29 degrees Old Bridge Fast traffic instant weather. Every 15 minutes. So New Jersey want to 1.5 a New Jersey Tonight's Powerball jackpot is $550 million.1 of the largest jackpots in history. What would you do if you want all that money? I know what I would do Take a chance on Powerball tonight because anything can happen in Jersey. 1 802 831 on 1.5, Steve Trouble ease. And you till 10 o'clock man. I was waiting to talk to Melissa and she just dropped off. I feel bad. You know when someone sits through an entire break, and they finally get a chance to come on, and that's when they drop off. Melissa View out there. Call back. I'll get you right on. But first we've got Paul and Hamilton on New Jersey water 1.5 Paul Hey, Steve. How you doing? And this is partly from Union City more, buddy. Hey, what's going on, Paulie? How are you, man? I'm good. I'm getting. It's funny. You should mention that because my dad was a union city fireman, And there's a fireman who's, uh, gotten the old T shirts from when my father was a fireman. And he's had them printed up. But he's selling and then we get a whole bunch of them for myself. My sister. Where did Where is the station? He was on 16th 16th in New York Avenue. A little while. Focus. I lived on Just means the 15th and between 15 and 16 on somebody avenue. Oh, man, right. I used to go to the movie Theater on Summit between 13th and 14th. Yeah, absolutely. And summit Pizza was across the street and Nunzio is pizza was across the street, right? Oh, God. Those days, though, there's a candy store where you would I know what that was. Yep, absolutely. Friend of mine was good married and we took him there to try to talk him out of it for good Been work. So what's going on anyway? I've been a long time listener, and I have to agree with the last woman. Called on but you don't represent Thoroughly both sides. Oh, you know what? I'm kidding you don't you don't man you don't. You're not right down the middle. No, I never said I never said I was. I never said I was, she said. I was No, I mean no. You see like that. Talk radio is about opinion. So if every right down the middle, then you don't have an opinion. So I mean, like I have my opinion. It's absolutely true. True. No, I mean, that's that's where were you? All right now I'm a little older than you, My brother, right? Yeah, I know you're a lot older than May. Listen, Listen, I have I have my have my opinion, but I also like to make fun of things. I also take bad situations and make fun of So I mean, what was it that bother you? My making front of Biden. We had a point now where nobody can make fun of the president. Or I can't make fun of the president already, really responding and not give me a chance to say What's on my mind. What's on your mind? Okay, what's on your mind? It's easy. It's too easy for us to divide ourselves and always find a reason. For disagreeing with the other side, okay, and very often, they're stretches. There's a lot of stretches right and I don't believe in stretches. I really believe that's What's changing the face of this nation? What do you mean by stretches, calling Because you'll take a situation that is not right down the middle and you'll stretch it out as far as you can to the other side to the right side, mean example. Oh, geez. I mean, E. I want. Understand what you want to understand what you're saying. I'm some Come on forwards me to Union City. You could relax. I just I just found I can't listen to any more, Stevie. You're here. Well because of the trying to pause for quite some time. And I think Holly of you, you've helped me over the years with projects right? Southside, Johnny, remember those bows, but I don't loosen my gruesome. Uh What is it, Paul? What is it? You don't agree with you Don't agree with what you said. It sounds angry to me. It sounds angry. Angry rhetoric angry about what? Roderick? About the differences of what we between us between our Our political opinions, okay? I mean, I just find that that I don't you know, Listen, you're in. You're in the business to get ratings to really understand that And I understand why you do what you do. That's coming from you. And as a longtime friend, right? I don't like it any more. I don't like it. All right? No, I understand hearing. No, no, I I I appreciate that. Because you know what? I respect you and I respect your opinion. But I'm not trying to offend anyone of my trying to hurt anybody. All I'm doing is you know there are certain things Paul that you know that our our level of passion for our opinions varies by what it is. We're talking about. If you feel strongly about something, you could be more passionate. If you don't you're gonna be less passionate with me. I'm or sarcastic. So what I try to do? Oh, I I'm attracted to sarcasm. I'm attracted trying to find funny and situations I love talking to Anthony reveal because he's hysterical, but to try to just take something that's going on. Try to make light of it. Try to make it fun. But, you know, despite that, you know, there are times when they're going to be things that you know. I'm just going to, uh, you know, be passionate about. I don't mean to offend you by that. I can guarantee you that there'll be other things that were going to be able to agree on and not be so passionate because you want or we go back too far for this, you know, I'm saying exact, that's exactly right. All right, pal. Thank you. Quick. Thank you for letting me know that we don't forget that. Absolutely. We never will got about, Thanks for calling New Jersey one on 1.5 Jersey News and Jersey views live here. You've counted down the seconds now make every second count.

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