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Everything to do with protecting our constitution, our democracy and the American way of life. And the security in D. C right now is unprecedented again, The mayor said that they are encouraging people to just stay away from D. C right now. The best way to watch the inauguration is either on your TV or on your computer. And just a little while ago I was going back and forth with a couple of D. C. Residents on Twitter, who said as annoying as this is for the media and the people who work here. Imagine the people who live in this city. They're having a hard time even getting home or getting to the grocery store because everything is just literally locked down right now Live in Washington, D. C. Bryant in this nation Alright, Brian. Thanks. The FBI warned of potential unrest starting as early as today and capital cities around the country. The most we saw was this gathering at the Louisiana state capital of Baton Rouge, where a small group of about three dozen of President Trump's supporters came together to protest the election results. State police were on the scene to monitor these demonstration, but they remained peaceful still across the country. We've seen strong security measures put in place at state Capitol buildings ahead of planned protest starting tomorrow. News Asian correspondent Nancy Lu joins us from outside the Arizona state capital in Phoenix with a closer look at what's expected. It's been just a small gathering here outside the Arizona state capital. Public safety officials have spent the past week beefing up security measures, but so far this weekend There's been no need. A second line of fencing went around the Capitol complex this week and yesterday, Barbed wire was added as another security layer outside of it this afternoon, a small and quiet crowd. Meantime, multiple law enforcement agencies are on alert and making their rounds like other states..

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