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I could question that's a tough one because that's a that's the way that we're in this in between stage right now where we have these streaming services but we have these networks that want to keep their own business models in place and it's tough they don't wanna just hand over everything right away because that would not be very good let's go to bellflower and we've got chester hello chester what's going on you're on with rich tomorrow yeah i was calling you i appreciate your song and thank you paul information y'all have to join phones and one of them by returned it to the provider and i was trying to get some pictures out of it because the phone was preordained it just wasn't working in it start working they told me they couldn't get him because it something burnt out or whatever so they were trying to go into cloud cover many couldn't get get them from the crowd and that same situation happened on my fall both samson phones where i was looking at it and i hit the lead on the file but they told me if i didn't back them up then they will go i could never get him so i do have a old phone for sprint and i was gonna see if i can get the tip out and get some of those pitches back you had an st card on these two phones well i'm not sure a big i did one of them i have a samson the other one was a razor with all sampson's phone that i think it does have a car but the two that i had for the current for biter they would just post to be backed up in the cloud i'm not sure if it's a card on your not because i'm not really familiar with phones and stuff so i was just wondering is anyway i could recover those pitches a whole lot of pitch man said you have you have the phones in your possession.

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