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Japan. Who as lucy are recording is going to be running tonight at leopardstown over a distance that he hasn't run over since he was a juvenile. So that's gonna be an interesting one to see. I genuinely hope he wins. But cinemas in there. And i'm like oh the best anyway. Aiden has said that it's essentially on the thursday. If it's a saturday race ryan will say okay. I'm going to the source and aiden might push him in the direction go. You haven't listened since you're lasted ballydoyle. You know this horses showing a bit of work. You might wanna you want to switch to snowfall nano santa barbara And the only time that changes is if they need him. They require him for america. If they say look we want you on mendelssohn in the kentucky. We want you out there on that horse which meant he missed the guineas. Dunkin's blaming it on sex and more year he went on a or magna graecia one or the other But when you look at the the racing's of this race she's one twenty. The nearest tour is nicest for dunnock on one five and nobody wants to take her on. Except for kumar. We've got jar lines. Who won the race last year for cool more. Actually with party has We've got Joseph brian has a horse for Bali gallon stalled and The stack team and chris as have won four surprise. Surprise mrs joe magner With the caitlyn park starts so that would be a full share with galileo. The poor lake great galileo essentially in the in recent years. When you when you bread today. Oh you're essentially paying something in the region of half million and cool more also the option to have half of that horse so they they're su- magnolias is involved in a handful of summers. Who you know is a sixty six to one shot as we record the horse that it's interesting to hear you mentioned divinely. The worst that i thought was interesting. Willow and i was very pleased and also at the same time extremely pissed off at myself that i had been so focused on recording that i missed the racing. Post shocker telling me. Willow runs today. And she's living to to. Because i'd b-actor who knows how many times mentioned or somebody comes in the final form of podcast. I was like no. I just think there's a bit they're out of peeping phone by american pharaoh. I'd like to think she could run a big race I kinda think she should be much shorter than nicest. I am. Not nicest a big race at roy. Ascott and actually. I can't remember if you were on the show or not for that show but she was my bed in that race she was sixty six to one at the time. It was the ribblesdale and a red favorite for the state team. Noon star I think nicest has got more to come. But i don't know if i want to backer at a single figure price against snowfall when this race could be running. Who knows how like if divinely goes off and makes all the running. Then you kinda boost. I just think willow. They'll ride to try and finished second. I think they'll go. We can't beat snowfall but could finish second year so She's probably the place better each way in the race. But you don't have to get involved financially. Just sit back relax and enjoy it. And who would you go for is your place but is it going to be divinely. It will be divinely ice. Thought she'd run better than she did it. So i i do think she's got a win not too far away but obviously it's not going to be in this race. I think like you say exists. I think she's probably that fry. Space the donners. How he spoke about to be honest. That's true to don. Aku spoke very very highly. Saw he really likes it. That's a good point and said she was in the form of her life going. Ross go to look she. She did career-best. I come back to willow. I come back to will. Just the forty links. She was beaten in the oaks oval but winning last time i was enlisted company in actually the trial this on-going willow as an each way play or probably just a straight place bed until because no full wins. There's a couple of others at the curragh we have the anglesey stakes. I'll just mentioned this very very brief because the entertainer runs and roy. Moore's on board. And last time i was sent off at twenty one shot and was beaten by go. Bears go who is tipped on this show by naomi tucker so shout it to naomi. She got you the gravy. I think this fella is a lot better than we've seen so far and it's very interesting that he's the only representative for a brian so easy. Caravaggio he'll be back on good ground. Yes i'm aware of the fact that it was groundless time. But i think there's more to come from him so i'd give him a chance. I will give mentioned to me and mental on the sunday. Three twenty for jessica harrington. We talked about her on the part. She was a huge eye-catcher on darby day. At the curragh she broke terribly and then just run into a wall of forces. I think she's going to be compensated at the weekend. So we don't have a market for that race yet but it's the three hundred zero. The irish celine firms phillies handicap. I think memento is a good thing. And the other horse. I think is a good thing for joseph o'brien and that's in the five o'clock on the sunday towards called in fabric answer. He described the horses as a dark horse earlier. In the season she won last time. Out as a seven to one sheldon killarney. She's been given a seven pound rise. She wants snugly that day. I think that grossly underestimated her ability and daughter of no name. Ever think she'll take a lot of beating. We're possibly going to see order of australia as sarah. Lynam sends me message. Hello sir so we were possibly to see order. Ustralia at nevada starting stuff over seven furlongs at the car again on sunday that it'll be a to ten live racing tv. So check that out. Hopefully as lucy and i review the weekend's racing i think one of our american colleagues is going to be on with it. It could be. It could be naomi. I say this. Because bob it is permitted to have new york runners again as judge overrules. Ny oray ban.

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