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In downtown boise time for caveat y sports with rick worthington good morning chandler hutchison l looks like he has received his official invitation to attend the two thousand eighteen nba draft in brooklyn new york the communications coordinator rachel stein a priority sports that's the agency that represents hutchison confirmed his invitation yada ho statesman tells us that broncos coach leon rice said earlier in the week he's also going to the draft the invite reinforces the belief that hodgson is probably going to be a first round pick and that's the first time that's ever happened in the boise state men's basketball program so it's big for the program it's big for the coach begrudged since get all the way around for us by the way if you're interested in watching five pm thursday you can see it on espn i not everybody is a soccer fan and i get that it is pretty fun though when the world cup comes around at least for me and i realized the team usa is not involved so everybody kind of has to find somebody else to root for and i know in many cases that team has been mexico well mexico pulled off the biggest shocker of the cup so far in beating the defending champion germany wanted nothing yesterday it was a fantastic match followed by lots of tears players laying down on the pitch openly weeping and i'm not talking about the german folks i'm talking about the team mexico who understands what they pulled off their brazil is a fivetime world cup winner they had their chances but they played switzerland to a one one draw serbia is in first place right now in group ahead of brazil after they beat costa rica yesterday as well by a score of one nothing today there are more games should be getting started here in the next half hour sweden and south korea will be playing in group f follow by group g belgium will be playing panama and then england will have a game at noon against tunisia could give you something to do during your lunch break today that sports gave you.

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