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Dot com. That's OMA dot com to learn more. Uma, smart communications for the smarter business. 7 38. Traffic and weather on the 8s, let's go back to bob imler in the WTO P traffic center. And Montgomery county, new crash on the beltway is on the inner loop after three 55 and before Connecticut avenue listener says getting by single file to the right on the interloop of the beltway before Connecticut avenue responders are there with the crash. On two 70 things are running pretty well, 95 of the Baltimore Washington Parkway doing all right. A little bit of volume on the VW Parkway out to the beltway northbound is all in 50 out of the bay bridge, clear sailing. And the district Wisconsin avenue now reopened in both directions, southwestern avenue by the friendship heights metro, the police activity, still some there, but traffic now gets by and at least two lanes in each direction. And rock creek Parkway northbound has been hung up badly by the downed tree, blocking the northbound lanes after waterside drive in Massachusetts avenue and traffic has been exiting there as a result of that as they try to work on the tree. Some traffic being turned around others exiting toward Massachusetts avenue, southbound lanes are open. In Virginia, northbound, George Washington Parkway may have a new problem after turkey run possibly a crash, something in the roadway there as traffic unexpectedly picks up just before the beltway and inner loop is quite slow through Tyson's getting to the American legion bridge 66s all right and 95 south just briefly slow at the aka Kwan now. Parenton doing the can't be done for national security because our way of life depends on it visit parents on dot com for more info.

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