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She mrs Johnson he was having so he took grandmother to court and what are the courts do in those in those days I mean she was this little mixed extract child who had no rights really. They weren't really interested in her story so they said to. With whom do you want to live. Do you live with your daddy with your mummy well. Of course she said Daddy because he was the one he was giving stuff every day over the fence so she read a great with grandfather lived with him and he oh when I think of it is just horrendous out sometime. He realized that he was incapable of looking after this this child so so he put her in one of those gray buildings in an orphanage so she grew up your mom grew up in and then she stayed till she was sixteen and she was taught to do samplers so clean wash to do all that domestic stick stuff and at sixteen she was put up to service and eventually she found a way to dial in which she decided she was going to set up a business as a as a dressmaker she was a very good seamstress. My mother and it was wild. She was out there that she did a trip to cans and sorry teller lie she didn't she went to This Day island now why she went to those day island but and that's where she met Daddy and whenever he and his his brother brother my uncle frank were going up to to T._i.. Thursday island and they would at the end of the cane cutting season the word would go out the Guevarra pit brothers coming to time because who can sit good marriage material us so mommy used to make all the dresses for the girls the big darts for the pit brothers and of course. She was made her own last didn't she. She knew what everyone else was wearing name Emma so she got him you mom and Dad ran a music club in cans. What was the name of they form this <hes> this music company called the tropical troubadours and they travel all around the north and really had tremendous potential? I wish I brought some photographs it just absolutely fantastic and at that time a lot of the people in that in that group were related there were chasms. Oh second cousins brothers or whatever whatever and three of the women one of him was my mother they were married and I got pregnant naturally so the show had to come to a close so then after some time mommy thought Mommy was cleaning that he was cane-cutting. He was a weekend husband. The man was working as a house Zoya she was she was amazing. She did everything and dress making and and grandma laundry during the war for the American servicemen Oh you name it so she thought we'd better do something here because there's nothing there's nothing for people like us to do because they weren't accepted at the white dancers. There was just nothing so anyway they started to club and we've had I think the most unfortunate name was called the colored social clubs offers so un-imaginative but they formed a proper committee and they did everything and and what sort of choice would be on they had dances. They started ended up with Saturday night dancers. They had the first American Jazz Band East come and play Jordan Roscoe. I think was the guy's name then they had theme nights said that would have had an Hawaiian night and Bala knees night and the Cuban night the French night and all these shows would be in carrier graft. Daddy would have done the music and the costumes remember in you the costume okay. What did they wait for the Hawaiian grass goods that were made out of rope and I can remember the verandah rounder of as being strung up these this rope was strung up all the way and daddy and his buddies would have come in they were teasing all this rope and like MC MC grammy waistband if you can imagine and so the rope who's just ideal because we have lovely weights would swing and I show they did was was an Hawaiian night and I would have been about seven and myself and my cousin Dulcie who was one of the children who was born from the tropical tributo days? He's so anyway she she and I came on as attendance and this enormous rose was carried on by these gorgeous gorgeous tar straight island men flanked by the hula dancers right so the Rosewood was lowered and Dulcie and I were data and we pulled down the pedals and from it emerged my sister well you can imagine the gas would come and see these. It sounds wonderful. All the people all people do the Torres Strait island acuity. You'll be on mixed race. There were Filipinos Chinese Malays were just just a turtle mix but they became so popular popular the prejudices start to break down it ended up being literally a black White Brown and brindle situation it was fantastic and then the they when I say that traveled him taking the show to Mossman for a night table somewhere like that and if someone was sick guessing stood in for him well this is it did you start. Performing is the beginning of your performing can remember that for the balcony show and they did a sung mummy Sanger oh by R._e._I.. When twilight is deepen this guy by all right come out and wear it with a girl who was sick unto where her costume which had to be taken in and dance on one of those forty four gallon drums that? That'd been cut in half. I just I honestly I thought it was very gray. Getting lessons music lessons as well from early h yes I started learning music. When I was six? I started piano when I was six and from the day I learned how to play Colonel Bogey Datum Body but I was playing the marching that was the marching tube for the kids. Coming into school spoke my first performances. Would you play with your family at home. Play music to get all the time I mean as Great Party House and they were always guitars and people singing and people down seeing and yes very very much so were you playing music at high school to this is playing music. They're very much doing exams because remember when I did my first diploma exam this wonderful Teacher System Ariella wishes and they had to make me look older. It was the first time I ever ever wore makeup and put my hair up. My mother made Corduroy Navy blue suit with a little cream color and shoes it had heels honestly I thought I was twenty seven. I wasn't those fifteen or sixteen and the reason they did that was because the examiner probably would fail to me on the grounds of my being too young and therefore not having an understanding or a passion for the music so anyway the bluff work tonight via. What did you think that you wanted to do when you left school? What was the dreams of the young fe first of all? I thought I'll be a concert pianist. I'll be the next Eileen Joyce and then now that Polynesian side of me was the do you want to practice with four to six hours a day. Nah I loved it but did I love it that much. Did I want to give up my whole life. I saw myself dancing on that forty four. Get lendrum doing other of that stuff anyway I taught for a while and then I got a scholarship to go to the crease. I'm con but I didn't finish because the lure of lights was still there and I was made an offer to go to Sydney and that that was it. What was the offer facility to go and work at a place called the Copenhagen in Sydney and I can remember the first day I went there? I was FAVARA which is the family name and there was the man who managed the place was a guy called Harry gold and he'd just come back from America Erica and do you know how a lot of people go to America for a weekend comeback with an American accent and chewing gum God bless Harry when he was one of those and he said to me he said I think we're going to change your name kid and I said sorry he said Yeah. candi devine can't be it's got a ring to it and I thought no one's going to change my name and I can remember finding my mother and I said they ought to change by name to camping divine. She thought forbid bit. She was very wise and she said well that could be a good thing and I said I'm going to be a good thing and I said the name of his trip to did so anyway. She said well. She's a new can hide behind and that name she said you can you can keep your fate of our life private. She said so you've got your work name and your private name and that Scandi born candy was born. You also started working in TV in Sydney Sydney. What shows were you working on? Johnny O'Keefe the Johnny O'Keefe shows we used to do those. I can remember having to get up at five thirty on the day because we would reserve rehearsal and the show went live at six o'clock and the reason I had to be up so early because everything was franchise in those days and are here was being done by one of the hair salons Sydney and because my hair was so thick and so long it took half the day to dry Tiki work work on skippy mature. Yes I did what character we playing. Your character called Muna. I think machine aboriginal she was she had been taken to live with this couple. Who've missionaries they decided that she had potential as a singer but she had been she was supposed to marry the son of the chief? She was a bit of a bold Madame says she said I'm not marrying him. Oh Man I'm going off and I'm going to do my thing and I'm going to be using it happened. So did you enjoy it. What did he get to meet the kangaroo? Did you get skippy and met more. Yes it was lovely. It was more please. I love that so it sounds like it was a lot going on for you in Sydney. Why did he decide to up sticks and try your luck in the that took? My manager said at the time because I had just done skip your had done. I did a television series for the A._B._C.. It was all the work was there had male film with Keith Michelle and he said to me. Why would you want go overseas? You know you're in on the ground floor here. It's all happening now but DNA you can't tell young woman anything can you and also we get to a stage that stage in our alive. You're young woman where you get itchy feet and you want to see what's on the other side of the world so I decided I noticed that I'm going and then I'll I said to my parents. I'll be back in three years little. Did I know forty four years later. Where was your first London Gig? It was at a club called the ESTA club right in the heart of the city and remember the penis was an Australian and he was going out with Olivia Newton John at the time she came in and and watch me rehearse worse and there was the maitre. D.'s name was Mr John's lovely little man. I said to Mr John I have a policy that I don't fraternize with the customers and this place had hostesses. Okay say no more and I said I don't threaten us with the customers I said and if anyone wants to buy me a drink a sit just make up a cocktail of something because I was really a non drinker and also I was driving back to my digs. I said and charging what you like. I didn't want to know about that. Make It look interesting so one ninety came to me and he said Miss Divine. We've a couple of very good customers in tonight who would like to join them for a drink and I said oh Mr John is if you look at what real really mean very big tip for me I imagined he had shoeless children and now is introduced to these men Reginald and account remember his brother's name cry which meant nothing to me <music> nothing they cry twin the Kray twins so on the way over to the table he said Oh by the way says I know. I know that you don't drink it but if they ask you would you please say champagne pink because obviously getting caught so anyway. I said Yeah Okay so he was introduced. It was all very formal sat down. I can even remember Sarah what I was wearing. What were you wearing Gold Lama coats once you call it the crate so anywhere he said and <hes> they said what are you having to drink champagne please pink so that brought champagne and he pulled me little lass which I drank and there was there was a bit of small talk and eventually? They said he didn't have another drink and I say oh no no thank you very very much. I have to be going now and he said no sit down. have another drink and I said no honestly I have to go and suddenly I realized it was getting serious and I said my mother's waiting for me. I write in Australia. I I said that the baby needs fed. There was not was no baby and he said he started lifting his pocket can remember the both wearing white suits and he started putting things on the table and he said when I tell you to sit down and have another drink girl I mean and you just sit down and he pointed a gun at me..

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