Two Hundred Eighty Thousand Dollars, Forty K discussed on The Influencer Podcast


And we're my business one of the other things and you know i've obviously shared some things with you that i felt were kind of holding me back from achieving from cheating goals and you know after i was kind of mentioning those things to you you looked me dead and you told me you know what you need to do to like to like get over that hump and start cheating those goals and i was like what and you were like you have to fry riot and i was like wait what and you were like you've you have to fry riot and and i'm sitting here thinking like is he speaking what what so i would love if you would share with my listeners today what that is and how that could essentially change everything for them in terms of their business so this concept of fireeye goes back to the beginning of last year i just finished my first year in coaching and i'd made more money than i dreamed was possible i made over two hundred eighty thousand dollars in my first year but i did that as any coach who's gone to say the twenty to forty k per month earning level knows there there is a time when you literally can't work any harder like you can't there's no more hours left in the day for you to work you're hustling nonstop but yet you're not breaking through that plateau you're not making any more you're not serving any more numbers of people in terms of.

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