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Listen for votes she trying to make excuses without saying henry what are your fake waste suck goal even asked me that we suck are that's what pablo a oh my god god he's got a lot of money we can't play anymore look for that look at bum he came back early but that's s o b is going to show the giants hey you think he got the upper hand with me on our next negotiation i can still do it you'll give me thirty male i find somebody who does and if you're lucky enough to be abel to go out to the ballpark great as i always say crew cohen keiper carriers so that that's it that's said we're all happy and again the manipulation of the forty man roster on these sports later carry and larry on knbr succeed the sports leader weekend snow power whoa zia marty live from the public housing park joined the legendary tomorrow that he's party lori africa caves in the current crisis cater to airfare from hawaii the airlines flies with us joy fine food when snow and ice men are you you get it on your home space fall and vr six gene okay keep your eyes closed i wanna show you my first ever painting all right okay over your eyes so that's a colors and shape sylvia on us what.

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