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John say what's up to fire nation and share something that you believe about becoming successful that most people disagree with. Hey welcome fire nation. Great to be back here. I've been told as my third time. Here it's got to put me in like at least the mid ranks your top twenty five of the show top twenty five all right awesome so the. I'm not sure that everybody does believe this. But i one of the things. I find challenging. Is that a lot of people. Don't believe that you get to define what sex success meets. And in fact you have to because it is only going to be success if it is the thing that you defined the thing that brings you joy. The thing that that means something to you and using other people's metrics is going to bring you nothing but heartache completely agree i mean i have found my version of success by the way a lot of people disagree with i mean i've been publishing my income reports for ninety four months in a row. Now guess what i've been plateau city. I've been making a couple of million a year. You know just most of that net profits and like to me. I'm like that's enough. And i get people all the time. Well where's your twenty percent forty percent sixty percent year over year growth. I'm like i'm not willing to work five to ten times harder for two to three times more money. That's not the kind of business looking to run. I have found my version of success. I wish you the best luck finding yours and you need to find fire nation for you would eventually. He's going to be enough because a lot of people never find enough and then they just build something. They didn't even know what they've built. But that's a longer conversation for later topic.

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