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That is. the question isn't even maybe nights time. I try and get three of their off to go. Yeah me lovely over go Might be the next. I think. I i actually have a little tear thinking of that. The four of you there that would be wonderful So you mentioned about wanting to hear junker land live and you got it. Are there other songs that you would love to hear. And i think most of us do have a little bitty if not physically written down a mental checklist of you. Want to hear totaling. I think as well you know maybe come to quitely it's on The fact that when when bris was playing here within ireland At those times for the majority of the micheals uproxx shouldn't And so i couldn't travel site or beyond here And that has been limited me in terms of the songs that i share of my may be a bit longer than some other people's. We talked about reacing racing straight. Yeah that's definitely up there. I absolutely adore shaikh delight light. I would love to hear show delight. Yeah again weeping mentioning. They're sort of tunnel. And i love the title track. Love one step up and walk like a man. I think it's just such personal and Woke like mom Just i remember. I think that kind of appeals to me in terms of lake my own childhood experience and then my own wedding day experiences. Well so there's there's quite a number of those of course anything anything we will be blessed to hear from you. Fetal is frankly anything from western stars. i'm just so looking forward to some of the literature. You materialism have slowly. Yeah i agree. I my my worry and and it's not true worry is That they may skip over. Western stars seem fear entrance Though i you know. I'd love to tucson train moonlight. We'll tell you anything from that would be wonderful You know and the the dilemma. He has is. How do i mix the songs that people want to hear with the new material and like You know we think about going back to the beginning of your watching that. Dvd live from barcelona right. He was able to make a lot of the rising songs along with. You know what we would call standards stuff so i'm hoping that's going to be where it is a similar. It's like you know when he toured with magic or you know see. Yeah so that'll be interesting I i would love to see.

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