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But paramount today, but so that was that trailer, and I saw different variations of that as a kid because this was all over the place. No. The show. But no, yeah, I'm David hassle. I knew that he was in his movie. I'll I'll give that a little bit about how that was kinda shitty. That just I knew that they were gonna go into live action at some much better surprised that they not showcase exactly. It would have been fucking cool to be honest. But it's a start this episode though. So as we mentioned before in honor of Stephen hill and Berg passing away this week fifty seven years old from LS we decided to forego a multitude of movies, we we had to empty week. And we're like we have nothing for this weekend between Christmas, and we figured you know, what let's go ahead and honor the guy who created SpongeBob your passed away this week. That's probably the best way to do it. He directed. It created the show all these things. Right. So the thing is and I want to say it again because there's people that don't buy the full shows. I think you should watch the full shows and bite down below for ninety nine cents. But for people that don't wash the full shows. I admitted earlier that I had never seen episode of SpongeBob. And I wanted to make sure. Before you start yelling at me saying how did you ever? Not see his episode of SpongeBob. I think that's grammar. Go ahead west the four of you for the full explanation. But as I explained before parents didn't want me watching it and they didn't ask twice. Yes. So that's really good boy. But I had a lot of other things that I watch and actually bring in one of my favorites from another Cartoon Network if you will that was a giveaway, but I'll pay the two other similarities to where I saw show that. I really love this movie. There's a lot of similarities between those things because I wasn't Nick toons kid. I watched the loading a lot as a kid. I had cable Brian. A lot of my friends necessarily didn't have. But we did because my dad liked TV. But yeah, no TV's awesome. But the thing was was that it was not that going off of that. It was not that. I didn't have so many options. It was just that at a certain point when I even did try to sneak it like you would imply the humor just didn't hit in the short bursts that I tried to sneak or trending watched. You really didn't hit me in those little bits and pieces if I left it on by accident, right? I really never see part of an episode, and it never cut, my I, you know, and then at a certain point as I mentioned before I got a little too old to care about SpongeBob at this point in twenty twenty four two thousand and four I was I was passed. It was onto bigger more mature things. Like dragon ball z. The animals and whatnot. So not only have I not seen this movie. But as I mentioned before I had not seen a full episode of thirty minute twenty eight minute episode, or whatever have you. So this is it. This is my first introduction to this show other than the theme song that played before it. That's what I knew when to cut the show off. I can't watch this. Ooh, change. And that's where it was. But this movie starts off with that. I kind of theme song in the background. And it's more of like a theatrical version where it's like, oh, they're putting on a big stage production, and I thought this had a little sound to it. I guess it doesn't. But very quiet. Listen, very carefully. I wanted to have a little bit of the you know, who lives in Avalon. Very regal version of it. But you know, what they had this whole big production going on. And it's the captain from the beginning of the show. Sure. Cut a live action version in a live action way, and they start with a little bit of hijinks to get the movie started. It's a cool thing to do bring this captain in bring the fish. And here's the thing. This point, you know, past all this kind of funny stuff standard kid's fair. It's kiddie stuff. It's kitty kitty kitty stuff to true. But the thing was was like this rate here. This opening scene is legitimately my first real exposure to SpongeBob..

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