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Okay. Just that happen. Because i'm here the audience and by the way nikki. I have to ask you. I mean your mom. Everybody's talking about her. I mean do you feel like this is. She's kind of getting you in paris for all the years of the two. Were you know all over the place. You know a funny story. When i yelled at her about agreeing to this she said you. Paris did fhm when you were eighteen. There you go the same and now we set it for both of you. We want to talk about tonight's episode. Cherise g wants to know if you felt. Erica was telling the truth when she recounted filing for divorce with. Tom was that when she told you. Guys that story were you. Were you feeling like it was all sincere. When she told us about her divorce i had only met her two weeks. So i of course i believe values and i had only met her when i had a birthday party for kyle at my house and it was just like sixteen girls. Yeah like two years ago and it was and she was very polite and quiet and lovely. And i put her at our table. I felt like. I didn't know her. And so i don't know i'm believe she's like telling the truth kyle. We're getting a lot of questions. I have to bring you into this. Because the one who's been there for the last few seasons but a lot of viewers commenting that they find it hypocritical that wanted to that for the last season. She brought up puppy gate and denise alleged tryst but with erica. She wants to give her space did you. What's your reaction to that. Well first of all we were. This was six months ago even longer. Maybe so we were just getting information as it was unfolding and we still don't know everything and to be fair. Renna is a lot closer with erica. Then she wasn't denise but we didn't know anything we still really don't know what's going on all right we'll tonight sutton and crystal agreed to hang up the coat drama for good but i would've see of crystal has of resentment at the inner linings of seoul after watching the episode seeing sutton knock on the door. Did it change your assessment of the situation at all like it's hard to watch and i feel awful.

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